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50 Cent Just Lost His Crown As the World’s Worst Ceremonial Pitcher

I wonder how much did 50 Cent paid her to do this.

Armless Man Throws Out First Pitch With Feet


Jack White Threw Out the First Pitch at a Tigers Game, Didn’t Smile

Someone please tickle his orchid.

No One Will Judge You If You Get a Boner Watching This Chick Throw Out a Ceremonial First Pitch

The MLB could learn a whole hell of a lot from Taiwan on how to properly throw out a ceremonial first pitch.

James Harden Threw a Pretty Good First Pitch for a Dude Wearing Jorts

Great look.

50 Cent Blamed His Terrible First Pitch on Excessive Masturbation

Too much partying like it's his birthday.

RoboCop is at the Detroit Tigers Game

He's a robotic cop.

Data-Driven Journalism Proves 50 Cent’s First Pitch Was Not Good

How else would we know the truth.

Here’s What Happens When a Cat Tries to Throw a First Pitch

Better than Baba Booey's though.

A Baby T-Rex Threw Out the First Pitch in San Diego Today

But it'd rather be killing you.

Swaggy P Threw One of the Worst First Pitches You’ll Ever See

Juuuuust a bit outer space.

Korean Taekwondoist Throws One of the Best First Pitches of All Time

We’ve already established that baseball in America is a stuffy old boys club while baseball in Korea is a nonstop jamboree of fun and flair.

Watch Carly Rae Jepsen Throw Out the Worst First Pitch in Baseball History

Okay, that's probably not fair. Nearly once a week, we're forced to see how a celebrity, politician, or regular layman one-upped the last "Worst First

Johnny Manziel’s First Pitch Didn’t Disappoint

Johnny Manziel continued his seemingly never-ending victory lap by throwing out the first pitch before last night’s San Diego Padres. He was much, much better

And Now a Disgustingly Bad First Pitch

And this guy has arms. Truly awful. Children may never recover from the footage.

Girl From ‘The Ring’ Throws Out Creepiest First Pitch Ever

This is beyond bizarre. To promote an upcoming spin-off movie, the super-creepy girl from “The Ring” threw out the first pitch at a