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50 Cent Responds to Everyone Making Fun of His First Pitch

50 Cent recently threw one of the worst first pitches in the history of sport.

Korean Taekwondoist Throws One of the Best First Pitches of All Time

We’ve already established that baseball in America is a stuffy old boys club while baseball in Korea is a nonstop jamboree of fun and flair.

Guy With No Arms Fires Perfect First Pitch With His Feet

Tom Willis stopped by Camden Yards last night to throw out the first pitch before the Kansas City Royals and Baltimore Orioles did battle. It

Bear Grylls Lit His First Pitch On Fire

The ceremonial first pitch is a tired tradition. Most of the time, some corporate fat cat in a starched shirt waddles out there and throws

Bill Simmons Interviewed Barack Obama About Linsanity, College Football Playoffs and More

If you love Bill Simmons, Barack Obama, wasting company time, or all three, then Bill's interview with the President will really make your day. About

Watch Some Guy from Cirque du Soleil Throw the Most Dizzying First Pitch in MLB History

Here's a Cirque du Solei performer doing some sort of wacky flip combination before tossing out the first pitch at yesterday's game between the Padres