9 Things You Absolutely DO NOT Want To Say On A First Date


It’s all too easy to make a complete ass of yourself on a first date.


The 15 Things That Will Help You Get Laid On The First Date, According To A Girl

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Most girls love first dates: it’s the time where they can build you up in their heads as the perfect man, try out your last name as her new last name, imagine what your kids would look like, and the time before they figure out that you’re an asshole or impotent or whatever.

worst date ideas

8 first date ideas to avoid at all costs


First dates are a delicate thing; your conversation topics, what moves are or are not made and the general vibe of your chemistry are all important.

who pays on a first date

7 reasons men shouldn’t be expected to pay on the first date


Let me start off by saying that I pay on the first date pretty often.

what to take on a first date

8 things every guy should bring on a first date


As you probably know by now, first dates can be a lot like interviews; you need to show up on time, look your best, sell yourself and not reek of desperation.

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