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John Oliver Destroys Your July 4th Forever By Informing Everyone How Lame Fireworks Actually Are

And now I'm sad.

The 4th of July Is Over. Let’s Watch a Fireworks Store Burn to the Ground

It actually probably needs some water.

Bro Awesomely Attaches a GoPro to a Drone and Flies It Through a Fireworks Show

Downright beautiful. Now I'm so amped for 4th of July and it's MONTHS away...

Brooklyn Will Have an Exploding Vaginas Fireworks Display Because Brooklyn

So avant-garde.

Dubai’s New Year’s Firework Celebration Will Blow Your Mind

Dubai wins an award for the most opulent fireworks display I've ever seen. It's almost too much. Go big or go home, Dubai. Hopefully your

In Today’s Edition of Batsh*t Crazy Soccer Fans, Belgian Spectators Throw Fireworks Onto Pitch

Apparently, fireworks are the best motivator. 

The Best Damn Alabama Redneck Fireworks You’ll Watch Today

Nothing but pure hootin' and hollarin' "I'll be damned" fun here. Using a kiddie pool and a makeshift raft made of playwood, these good ole'

The San Diego Fireworks Show Was Just the Worst

As in many places around our great country, the good people of San Diego were fired up for a fireworks extravaganza last night. To say

This Fireworks Law Map Lets You Know Which States Rule and Which States Suck

If you're planning on shooting off some exploding crap tomorrow, it might be a good idea to know what's legal in your state. American Pyro

An Amazing Birds-Eye View of Fireworks Exploding, Via GoPro

If you're ready to set the mood for the Fourth, watch this video. Jeremiah Warren attached a GoPro to a few balloons and then set off

Bored? Check Out the Top Ten Fireworks Fails

This video is about as multifaceted as it gets. It's good for both a laugh and as a tool to teach children about the perils

Scary New Year’s Eve Fireworks Fail

Many countries ring in the New Year with spectacular fireworks displays. 2012 started with a bang in Thailand.

Drunk Guy Lights Fireworks Off His Balls

Meet Tony, he's drunk, he has fireworks, and has little respect for his genitalia.

A 4th of July Firework Fail Compilation

Just three minutes of Americans celebrating their freedom on the Fourth of July in the most American way possible: Drunk off their asses

Let’s All Be Entertained By a ‘Bootleg Fireworks Show Gone Wrong’

Fourth of July is long over, but we're still entertaining ourselves during the summer doldrums with pyrotechnic mishaps. Two things: If you're going to host

Here’s the NYPD Blowing Up 5,000 Pounds of Confiscated Fireworks

We were too busy not sitting in front of a computer and having fun this past weekend to post this video from the

VIDEO: 15,000 Fireworks Exploded at Once

The only problem with setting off 15,000 fireworks (actually, 500 fireworks with 30 shots each), is that the grand finale really comes at the beginning,