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$3,000 Worth of Fireworks Go Boom All at the Same Time, and It’s a Sight to See

The only thing that could make this cooler is an accompanying Revolutionary War hymm. 

This Close-Up Video of the San Diego Fireworks Fiasco Is INSANE

Rockets red glare indeed. This is freakin' awesome. 

The Best Damn Alabama Redneck Fireworks You’ll Watch Today

Nothing but pure hootin' and hollarin' "I'll be damned" fun here. Using a kiddie pool and a makeshift raft made of playwood, these good ole'

Drunk Guy Lights Fireworks Off His Balls

Meet Tony, he's drunk, he has fireworks, and has little respect for his genitalia.

VIDEO: 15,000 Fireworks Exploded at Once

The only problem with setting off 15,000 fireworks (actually, 500 fireworks with 30 shots each), is that the grand finale