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Man Admits To Burning Down Home During News Interview, As House Crumbles In Background, And The Cop’s Reaction Says It All


Typically, a guy setting a house on fire would be 100% un-bro but, in this case, an argument could be made for "Carlos" in this particular instance.


Crazy Fire Rescue in Houston of Man Trapped on Balcony Will Make Your Feet Sweat


I'll be honest with you: if I'm standing on a rail-less balcony of an ablaze building I'm not taking it all in stride like this construction worker.

University of Maryland

Beloved Testudo Statue at University of Maryland Set On Fire by Accident


It's a University of Maryland tradition to make an offering to Testudo during finals week.


Angry Texans Fan Buys, Burns Matt Schaub Jersey


There are many ways to show disdain for your NFL team.

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