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Meanwhile, in Russia: Bored Firefighters Create an Awesome Hovercraft Using Fire Hoses

Wasting water can be very satisfying.

Boston Bruins Honor Fallen Firefighters With On-Ice Tribute


Detroit Firefighter Wore Helmet Cam For All of 2012, Then He Made an 8-Minute Highlight Reel

This dude is all balls. In fact, anyone that follows him into these infernos is doing just fine in the testicle department. A few of

Bryce Harper Bro Watch: What He’s Doing in the Offseason, Plus His Sick Ride

In addition to being baseball's best young talent since Bryce Harper, the 19 year-old phenom is looking to pick up in offseason job. 

Here’s Clips from a Documentary that Chronicles Detroit Firefighters

Being a firefighter is one of the most courageous career path a person can persue. Purposely running into a building that is a smoldering inferno