University of Alabama

ROLL TIDE: Photo of a Baby Wearing an Alabama Onesie Holding a Hand Gun is Going Viral


According to Clay Travis from Out Kick the Coverage, these photos of an infant holding a hand gun, while surrounded by six rifles and a pink hand gun (because wifey likes her killin' tools to be cute), were found by one of his readers on a University of Alabama fan's Facebook page.

RC robot

Yeah, a remote controlled RC car with a gun won’t end badly


There are many, many things that have had guns mounted to them, but this RC car, called the "Armed Mobile Response RC Car", might just take the cake.


TrackingPoint may turn any yutz into a sniper


Currently, the only way most of us know how it feels to be a professional sniper is to play a video game.


TSA Found 24 Loaded Firearms in Carry-On Bags Last Week


While this is unsettling, it makes me slightly less pissed off over the times I've had my bags rifled through because I own a pen that looks like a shiv.


GALLERY: 24 Photos of Angelina Jolie Packing Heat


  "Salt" didn't beat out "Inception" at the box office this weekend, but the espionage thriller did manage to pull in a respectable $36.

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