You Can Launch BADASS FIREBALLS From The Palm Of Your Hand Like Some Sort Of Marvel Villain


This Christmas, for the low price of $174 each, you can now launch REAL FIREBALLS from the palm of your hand as if you're some sort of Marvel villain (or hero) with the purchase of the 'Pyro Handheld Fireshooter'.

ohio state

Urban Meyer’s Wife’s Hair Caught On Fire While She Was Blowing Out Her Birthday Candles


Urban Meyer's wife, Shelley, was celebrating her 50th birthday yesterday in Orlando when disaster struck.


Something Massive Exploded In The Sky Over Russia And Obviously It’s A UFO


Something very large exploded in the night's sky over the Sverdlovsk region of Russia and was caught on dash cam (because everyone in Russia has a dash cam).


Wasted Bro Tries Fire Breathing, Ends Up Burping Fire All Over His Face And Body


If you're going to try your hand at fire breathing you need to be damn sure that you have all of your mental and physical faculties in order.


This Kid Burned Down His College Campus In An Attempt To Make A ‘Fancy’ Marriage Proposal To His Girlfriend


Shutterstock Did you know that there’s a 50% chance that your girlfriend won’t give a shit about how you propose and only cares that you actually went and proposed in the first place.


Watch This Little Girl’s Fairy Princess Doll Do A Special Trick That Involves A Fireplace And Making The Girl Cry


I remember owning a mermaid Barbie doll when I was like 6 and being super pumped to dump it into the bathtub so I could watch it swim around like…well, a mermaid.


Guy Makes Homemade Flamethrower, Girlfriend Is NOT Pleased


I'm not sure why anyone *needs* a flamethrower other than for shits and giggles, but this intrepid redneck didn't let the question of "why" stop him from building one.


If You’re Setting Your Passed Out Friend On Fire The Pranks Have Definitely Gone Too Far


How do you tell when pranking your friend who passed out early has gone too far.

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