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Minnesotans Are Too Nice to Burn Kevin Love’s Jersey

Salt of the earth people.

The 4th of July Is Over. Let’s Watch a Fireworks Store Burn to the Ground

It actually probably needs some water.

Drone Captures Massive Yacht Fire As $24 Million Boat Is Engulfed In Flames (VIDEO)

It's strangely therapeutic

The Kids At The University Of Maryland Won’t Stop Lighting Themselves On Fire

It's not that bad there, I swear.

Fire in Netherlands Emits Extremely Creepy Elephant-Shaped Smoke

Yeah, that's not good.

WHOA! Soccer Fan Set on Fire by Stadium Security

Light 'em up.

This Guy Plays Guitar While Karate-Chopping Through Flaming Bricks

This is some Jimi Hendricks-type shit.

Heroic Man Allows Himself to Be Set on Fire, Dunked Over

En fuego.

The Dumbest Criminal of All Time Is Now the Arsonist Who Set Himself on Fire

Welp, this is what happens when you are an idiot and try to burn a place down. 

Man Sets Stranger’s Balls on Fire after Catching Him With His Girlfriend

A Chicago man is accused of holding a lighter to the genitals of a man he found sleeping with his girlfriend. 

Man Accidentally Sets Woman on Fire Lighting Cigarette at Gas Station (GIF)

You know how gas stations have a lot of warnings? Yea, I always thought they were stupid, too. But it's actually because gas stations contain tons of

This is the Worst and Most Hilarious Twerk Fail Ever. We Promise You.

This chick is on fire! 

Tate Tucker’s New Song ‘Fire’ Most Certainly Lives Up to Its Name

New stuff from rising star Tate Tucker. On the heels of his wildly popular Harlem Shake rap (which, to note, was released well before the viral craze hit)

Flame-Throwing in Slow-Motion Is As Awesome As You’d Expect

There is no shame in being a grown-ass man and still being impossibly captivated by fire. Embrace the flames.

And This is Why You Don’t Try to Cook a Squirrel With a Blowtorch

I live in constant fear that one of my neighbors is going to do something stupid and kill me as I lounge on my couch

After Four Straight Losses, Virginia Football Practice Facility Lights Itself on Fire

After winning the first two games of the year, the Virginia football team has dropped four straight – including a 25-point dusting at the hands

Hey, Want to See a Fire Tornado?

Do we even need to tell you not to try this at home? Fine. Don’t try this at home.

Shoenice Eats 20 Burning Matches, Plus the Aftermath Video

On your mark. Get set. SHOENICE! 

Man on Fire Tries to Land His Motorcycle in Water, Hits Land Instead

Ghost Rider here must be terrible at physics. Overshot that water by good 20 ft. Lucky for him hitting land at top speeds is a

McDonald’s Drive-Through Customer’s Burgers Now Extremely Well-Done

McDonald’s can brag all it wants about the temperature of its coffee, but visuals do much more than words. This unlucky bastard had

Matt Hagan’s Car Exploded and He is Mad

Funny car driving Matt Hagan survived this fiery explosion during 4-wide nationals qualifying yesterday, which is amazing. But what’s even more amazing is

Watch a Guy Destroy an Arcade Basketball Machine…

...with his skills. Seriously, he is like the Kobayashi of arcade basketball. Or I guess you could say he's the Michael Jordan of

I Really, Really Badly Want a Flamethrower Guitar

Just a video of some dude rocking out to Smoke on the Water at Burning Man 2011 with his flamethrower guitar. Jimi Hendrix

VIDEO: Guy Jumps On Stage at Rammstein Concert; Lead Singer Sets Him On Fire with a Flamethrower

Not to be the type of prick who judges other people's taste in music, but apparently the dark, German metal band Rammstein is still around.