Woman Lights A Cigarette While Driving, And What’s The Worst That Could Happen? Well, This.


What's the worst that could possibly happen when you're trying to get a little head buzz on the way home from work.

crazy people

Guy Won’t Give Woman A Cigarette So She Just Sets His Car On Fire


So there was this guy, just filling up his gas tank at a station in Jerusalem, minding his own business, right.

handheld flamethrower

This Handheld Flamethrower Is All I Need To Start Serving Up Fiery Vigilante Justice In NYC


The XM42 handheld flamethrower is the only thing I need to jumpstart my career as a superhero.


Wanna Read A Story About A Guy Who Set His Kitchen On Fire By Cleaning A Dildo? Yes? Okay Here You Go.


It's all fun sexy times until someone sets your kitchen aflame while trying to clean a dildo.

rolando mcclain

Rolando McClain’s 7,500-Square-Foot, $1.5 Million Mansion Went Up In Flames Last Night (PICS)


University of Alabama alum, and current Dallas Cowboys linebacker Rolando McClain's $1.


Footage Of Fire Breathing In Slow Motion HD Will Stoke The Flames Of Your Inner Arsonist


I'm currently re-reading 'A Dance With Dragons' by George RR Martin, the most recent 'Game of Thrones' book, and the book that the upcoming season on HBO is most likely to be based upon.


You Can Launch BADASS FIREBALLS From The Palm Of Your Hand Like Some Sort Of Marvel Villain


This Christmas, for the low price of $174 each, you can now launch REAL FIREBALLS from the palm of your hand as if you're some sort of Marvel villain (or hero) with the purchase of the 'Pyro Handheld Fireshooter'.

ohio state

Urban Meyer’s Wife’s Hair Caught On Fire While She Was Blowing Out Her Birthday Candles


Urban Meyer's wife, Shelley, was celebrating her 50th birthday yesterday in Orlando when disaster struck.


Something Massive Exploded In The Sky Over Russia And Obviously It’s A UFO


Something very large exploded in the night's sky over the Sverdlovsk region of Russia and was caught on dash cam (because everyone in Russia has a dash cam).

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