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I Could Watch This GIF of Sidney Crosby Getting Wrecked Then Bitching About It Over and Over Again


Canada is playing Finland as we speak in Olympic hockey and Teemu Selanne—43-YEAR-OLD TEEMU SELANNE some Finnish fuck dropped hockey's reigning diva and perpetual stain on the face of all that is good in life Sidney Crosby to the ground with a stellar hip check shove.


This Finnish Anti-Drinking PSA Is Slightly Terrifying


Fun fact: Finland's alcohol actually has transformative properties.


Huge Hockey Fight in Finland Leads to Record Number of Penalty Minutes


There are two fights in this video and a total of 465 penalty minutes amassed in this Finnish ice hockey game.

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Finland’s Goalie Coach Pasi Nurminen Partied HARD After Winning the IIHF championship


via Jimmy Trainia at Hot Clicks comes a video of Finland's goalie coach and former Thrashers goaltender Pasi Nurminen getting off the team plane completely obliterated after winning the IIHF World Championship gold medal over Sweden.

mikael granlund

Finland’s Mikael Granlund Scores Incredible Goal Against Russia


Finland upset Russia 3-0 in the semi-finals of the IHF World Ice Hockey Championships.


U.S. Leads Finland 6-0 in the Olympic Semifinals


[inline:hockenhl] Just a note that USA is throttling Finland right now in the men's hockey semi-finals at the Olympics.

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