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Future Banker Sends Hilariously Bro-y Email Calling Wells Fargo Recruiters ‘Boners’ and ‘Doofuses’

Since the life of a #financebro is not an especially exciting one—during the time spent in the office, at least—the guys on Wall Street eagerly trade emails

You’re a Dumbass If You Think a ‘JP Morgan CEO’ Actually Wrote This ‘Letter to a Gold Digging Girl’

This chain e-mail is older than Gordon Gekko's syphilitic mistress, yet people won't stop e-mailing it to us today because they just discovered the Internet or something.  Hey

These ‘20 Money Saving Tips for Bankers and Their Wives’ are HILARIOUS

Gotta foreclose that seventh home. SMH. 

9 College Majors, and What They Say About the Bros Who ‘Study’ Them

You'll accrue valuable skills from your college major. Not in the traditional sense, though. 

24-Year-Old Finance Guy Asks Girls from OKCupid to Complete Creepy Survey After Dates

Remember the Wall Streeter that kept a painfully detailed spreadsheet of his Match.com dates? This might one-up that. Via Deadspin comes the tail of a

CEO of Lehman Brothers Declares ‘The Bros Always Win’ Before Investment Bank Goes Bankrupt

We're all about talking a big game every now and then, but this is just embarrassing.

The 20 Hottest Photos of Xenia Tchoumitcheva, Elite Swiss Model and JPMorgan’s Summer Intern

Although we're only about a month or so into summer, JPMorgan's intern class of 2011 has captured quite a few headlines over the past

The Top 10 Bros of the Financial Crisis

Ever since the financial system collapse of 2008, the mass media has been trying to scapegoat and shame the CEOs of some of the country's