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Girl Bullying a Fat Kid On a School Bus Gets What The Fuck Was Coming to Her

This right here is why you don't bully people, folks.

Lady Flings a Table and Catches a Chair Thrown At Her in the Most Amazing Vine Fight Video Ever

Shower this broad with Skittles because she just went full-on beast mode during this fight.

White Bro Tries to Fight Multiple Black Bros at Once on Spring Break, Will Not Accept Defeat

After you graduate and you become a corporate drone, spring break fight videos are probably the best part about spring break.

Woman and Car Salesman Get in Profanely Heated Argument During a Test Drive, Is Very Entertaining

I guarantee this wasn't funny to either party, but I sure as shit enjoyed it.

UFC Fighter Dan Henderson Knocks Out Shogun Rua With a Devastating Punch


VIDEO: This Is One of The Most Ruthless Street Fights I’ve Ever Seen

And I also think this is a hate crime.

P.J. Tucker Was Ejected for Whacking Blake Griffin in the Head

Fight, fight!

Bro Gets Knocked the F— Out In INSANE Spring Break Beach Fight

Ah, the wonder that is spring break: Sun, sand, beer, hormones... Hotel swimming pools filled with chlamydia.

Watch LeBron James Get Kicked in the Face by Jimmy Butler

Chicago Bulls and the Miami Heat are known for scrappy basketball. But Jimmy Butler decided to show LeBron how he really feels with a nice

Iowa’s Zach McCabe Throws Travis Trice to the Ground, Earns World’s Most Obvious Technical

Typical basketball play.

Pissed Off Old Man Tries to Fight Drunk Spring Breaker on Boat — Guess What Happens Next?

The last time we posted a Young vs. Old fight, old won in a convincing, "this guy is knocked the fuck out" fashion.

Chicago Blackhawks’ Michal Rozsival Punched a Referee in the Face

In the face.

Utah Valley Students Storm Court, Fight With New Mexico State Players

Easy, fellas.

Drunk 25-Year-Old Tries to Beat Up 44-Year-Old Man on Beach, Guess What Happens Next

The tale of the tape says the young, semi-muscular 25-year-old bro, who is rocking a stars and stripes bathing suit, is going [...]

Insane Cuban Baseball Brawl Featured a Guy Swinging a Bat at Another Guy’s Head

This is more of an attempted murder than a baseball brawl. Sweet mother of God. The fracas took place last [...]

Watch the End of a College Hockey Game Devolve Into a Complete and Utter BRAWL

RPI and Union are heated college rivals (both are located just outside of Albany in upstate New York). 

Shia Labeouf Headbutted a Guy in London and There’s Video of the Brawl

Shia Labeouf's complete meltdown continues.... 

Can You Guess Which State a 600-Person Brawl Occurred In?

This being 2013, it should be an easy enough guess. 

Man on Meth Fights Off 15 Cops While Jacking Off

This is why you don't write end of the year lists until the actual end of the year. 

1,000 Person Brawl Breaks Out at Fraternity Charity Drive

The brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi at Cal State Long Beach held their 16th annual Kappa Khristmas Jam & Toy Drive. But instead of giving gifts,

Jarome Iginla’s Finger is Disgusting

Say what you want about fighting in the NHL, but if it went away we'd be robbed of awesome images like this. 

Post ASU Kick to the Face Video Has Emerged and It Is BEDLAM

What, you think you could just kick someone in the face and get away with it? This old guy isn't Guile from Street Fighter

WTF? Insane Woman Bites Man’s Lip Off in Craziest Oktoberfest Fight Ever

This crazy drunk Alaskan woman—who refused a breathalyzer test after this fight because then NO ONE would know she was drunk—went full Mike Tyson on an

Check Out This Insane Black Friday Stun Gun Fight And Never Shop In Public Again

When can we cancel this whole society experiment? Today? It's too late, already.

Can You Believe an MMA Fight Ended With a Dude Getting Kicked in the Head and Knocked Out?

In more primitive times, nomadic societies had only the spoken word to describe great battles of yore. As humans evolved, however, they identified a pressing

West Virginia-Hawaii Women’s Basketball Game Erupts into Brawl

Passions run high when Hawaii and West Virginia get together in women’s basketball. Well, maybe they don’t always – I don’t follow women’s hoops –

Serge Ibaka and Matt Barnes Fight

Tensions run high when the Los Angeles Clippers and Oklahoma City Thunder play so it’s no surprise last night’s game featured pushing, shoving, and general

This Youth League Marty McSorley-Style Hockey Assault Is the Most Vicious We’ve Seen

JESUS. This is straight-up attempted murder. 

Is This Kanye West Punching Out Several Paparazzi?

It kind of looks like him. This comes from LiveLeak and was just posted. 

There Was a Women’s Hockey Fight and Everyone Was Invited

You throw out the records when Ohio State and Bemidji State get together in women’s hockey. You also throw out all of the penalty record

This is One HELL of a Brawl at the Red Sox’s Championship Parade

Remember when we all pretended that Boston was a town of decent, hard-working folks, people whose strength and unity alllowed them to overcome terrible tragedy? 

Who Is This Drunk Virginia Tech Sorority Girl Trying to Fight?

Ahhh, Saturday mornings in Blacksburg. The crisp, cool air coming off the Blue Ridge Mountains; bourbon on the rocks; a football game about to commence.

Well This Is Fun: Soccer Referee Punches a Player in the Face and Then Gives Him a Red Card

There's a famous quote about keeping one's head when others are losing theirs that comes to mind when watching this, because yeah, that is completely

Justin Bieber Crashes an EDM DJ’s Set, Tries to Fight His Manager When He Doesn’t Play Hip-Hop

Today in "douche things Justin Bieber did." During EDM DJ Michael Woods’ set in South Korea, a swagged out, shirtless Bieber ran on the stage and

Maybe The Best Fight with a Bar Bouncer We’ve Ever Seen

What a scrap! Just wait for the KO... Wait for it, wait for it.... BOOM! Brutal.

Never fight bouncers, kids. You won't win. Ever. 

Human Stain Punches Lady at Gas Station Over 41 Cents

Look, dude, we understand times are tough but perhaps 41 cents aren't enough to warrant the full-on assault of a woman. Just saying.

Fighters Defy Karate Referee’s Orders, So He Starts Kicking Ass

The skeptic in me thinks this is staged. Why else would a camera crew be there filming this shit? The believer in me wants to think this isn't

Fans Fight at 49ers-Colts Game, Helpful Person Films It

It would not surprise me in the least if more than one of the combatants involved in this melee wound up looking like Colin Kaepernick.

Drunk Dude vs. Gigantic Bouncer: Who Ya Got?

It's like a teacup poodle thinking he is actually a pitbull. What I'm saying is: it's adorable. It's an adorable little man getting tossed around by someone

High School Football Player Savagely Attacks Player With Helmet

These antics make Friday Night Lights and any other dramatized importance of high school football look like child’s play. This kid is royally fucked.