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Martellus Bennett Suspended Indefinitely After Body Slamming His Teammate During Practice


This is the Wildest Baseball Brawl We’ve Seen in a Long Time

We got a brawl!

Two Old Guys Trying to Kick the Living Shit Out of Each Other Is a Stark Reminder that Aging Blows

Every so often, a video like this comes along and it reminds me about the fragility of youth.

Fan Charges Mound at Minor League Baseball Game, Alcohol May Have Been a Factor

That's against the unwritten rules. And the written rules.

This NY Businessman Got BANNED From Monaco Because He Beat The Shit Out Of A Prince In A Nightclub

Yeah, not the best move.

Watch: Man Viciously Attacks McDonald’s Employees After They Mess Up His Order

Hell hath no fury like a hungry man with a "wet floor" sign as a weapon.

Argentina’s Ezequiel Lavezzi Intentionally Squirted Water on Coach Alejandro Sabella for Some Reason

Right in the face.

Report: Average White Male WAY Less Effective In Fights Than They Imagine

They're talking about you, yo.

Woman Loses Her Mind in Wal-Mart Parking Lot When Confronted For Leaving Her Dog in a Hot Car for 90 Minutes

Don't leave your dogs sitting in a hot car for 90 minutes, you guys.

A Lesson For Bullies: Stop Picking Fights With People Bigger Than You

The nerds... they're evolving.

Dunkin’ Donuts Manager Tries To Kick a Stripper Out of Her Store, Then Punches and Spit Start Flying

A Dunkin' Donuts/Baskin Robbins combo restaurant. What a #DoubleThreat.

Two Strippers Come to Blows In Stripper Locker Room, Bouncer Barely Seems to Care

These two should just fuck on camera already and get it over with.

Family Dollar Manager Catches White Trash Woman Trying to Steal Febreze, Proceeds to Lose His Goddamn Mind

Don't make a Family Dollar store manager choke a bitch!

This Is a Pretty Good Memorial Day BBQ Street Brawl

Honor our troops by recreating their greatest battles.

Small Man Starts Fight With Bigger Man and That is Now a Regret He Must Live With

Dude got whooped.

Another Kid Used a Razor Scooter as a Weapon, This Time the Victim Gets Knocked the Fuck Out

JESUS. Who the hell is upsetting all these scooter owners?

Here’s Video of Beyonce’s Sister Attacking Jay Z in an Elevator

She came at the king.

Forget Shovels, This Dude Gets Piped In The Face With a Flying Razor Scooter During Fight

When I was a kid we used to just hit each other in the face with fists and the occasional, well-timed knee. This...this is madness.

The Chick Shovel Fight Gets the Kendrick Lamar Soundtrack It NEEDS

The Internet is full of fight videos.

Fight in NJ Escalates to the Point of a Dude Running Over People with His Car

utter madness

VIDEO: Hipster Girl Unintentionally, But Perfectly, Breaks Up Fight

Hipsters abhor violence in any fashion.

Guy Bullying an Elderly Couple on New York City Bus Gets What The Fuck Was Coming to Him

Public transportation.

Kid Wearing ‘Beast Mode’ Shirt Gets Socked in Jaw, Turns Into Concussed Velociraptor

Clothes do not always make the man, and rocking a "BEAST MODE" shirt does not automatically turn you into a beast.

Girl Bullying a Fat Kid On a School Bus Gets What The Fuck Was Coming to Her

This right here is why you don't bully people, folks.

Lady Flings a Table and Catches a Chair Thrown At Her in the Most Amazing Vine Fight Video Ever

Shower this broad with Skittles because she just went full-on beast mode during this fight.

White Bro Tries to Fight Multiple Black Bros at Once on Spring Break, Will Not Accept Defeat

After you graduate and you become a corporate drone, spring break fight videos are probably the best part about spring break.

Woman and Car Salesman Get in Profanely Heated Argument During a Test Drive, Is Very Entertaining

I guarantee this wasn't funny to either party, but I sure as shit enjoyed it.

UFC Fighter Dan Henderson Knocks Out Shogun Rua With a Devastating Punch


VIDEO: This Is One of The Most Ruthless Street Fights I’ve Ever Seen

And I also think this is a hate crime.

P.J. Tucker Was Ejected for Whacking Blake Griffin in the Head

Fight, fight!

Bro Gets Knocked the F— Out In INSANE Spring Break Beach Fight

Ah, the wonder that is spring break: Sun, sand, beer, hormones... Hotel swimming pools filled with chlamydia.

Watch LeBron James Get Kicked in the Face by Jimmy Butler

Chicago Bulls and the Miami Heat are known for scrappy basketball. But Jimmy Butler decided to show LeBron how he really feels with a nice

Iowa’s Zach McCabe Throws Travis Trice to the Ground, Earns World’s Most Obvious Technical

Typical basketball play.

Pissed Off Old Man Tries to Fight Drunk Spring Breaker on Boat — Guess What Happens Next?

The last time we posted a Young vs. Old fight, old won in a convincing, "this guy is knocked the fuck out" fashion.

Chicago Blackhawks’ Michal Rozsival Punched a Referee in the Face

In the face.

Utah Valley Students Storm Court, Fight With New Mexico State Players

Easy, fellas.

Drunk 25-Year-Old Tries to Beat Up 44-Year-Old Man on Beach, Guess What Happens Next

The tale of the tape says the young, semi-muscular 25-year-old bro, who is rocking a stars and stripes bathing suit, is going […]

Insane Cuban Baseball Brawl Featured a Guy Swinging a Bat at Another Guy’s Head

This is more of an attempted murder than a baseball brawl. Sweet mother of God. The fracas took place last […]

Watch the End of a College Hockey Game Devolve Into a Complete and Utter BRAWL

RPI and Union are heated college rivals (both are located just outside of Albany in upstate New York). 

Shia Labeouf Headbutted a Guy in London and There’s Video of the Brawl

Shia Labeouf's complete meltdown continues....