Pro-Tip: Never Piss Off A Giraffe Or They’ll Kick You In Your Big Ass Forehead


I don't know that any of you would ever be dumb enough to find yourself in a situation where a pissed off giraffe would donkey punch you in your forehead, but after watching this video I want to make sure all of you avoid this situation.


According To This Video, Weddings In Kyrgyzstan Involve Blacking Out, Fighting Everyone, Sobbing Uncontrollably

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I'm not sure what to believe here, because if we're being honest I'm not even positive that 'Kyrgyzstan' is a real place.


Is There Any Worse Place To Get Knocked Out Cold Than The Floor At McDonald’s?


In your heart of hearts, can you think of a worse place to get knocked out than a McDonald's in London.


Kickboxing match turns into hardcore match after one fighter introduces weapons


I've never been to a live fight unless bar fights count because I've seen some insane bouts in beer halls.


Floyd Mayweather Jr. Is Still Jawing at T.I.


Apparently, "these hoes ain't loyal.

Milwaukee Brewers

Here’s a nasty brouhaha between Cubs and Brewers fans


Drunk and stupid is no way to go through life.


Fat Man Gets Knocked Out But Not Before Feasting On Some Sweet Ear Meat


Here’s a good rule of thumb — if you’re about to throw down with a scrappy but obese man, his only real means of defense is to eat you.

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