st patricks day 2015

Cop Choke Slams Drunk Tough Guy In The Street, And It Definitely Created A Pot Hole


Maybe I'll start watching the Oscars when they create a category for "Best Street Fight Filmed By Innocent Bystander", because this shit is why I get up in the morning.

cheerleader fight

There Was An EPIC Cheerleader Brawl During A SIAC Tournament Game


The SIAC logo has the phrase "We Play Hard" as its slogan, but they also apparently fight really damn hard as well.

texas baylor fight

Fight Breaks Out in Baylor-Texas Game, 7 Players Ejected


Tensions between Baylor and Texas boiled over late in overtime when Isiah Taylor and Royce O'Neale got all tangled up while battling for a loose ball.


Men’s Dispute Over Man Meat Lands Male In Jail For 25 Years After Beef Turns Sour


A beef over breakfast sausages has landed one Baltimore man in jail.


Youth Football Referee Wins $275K Settlement After Being Attacked By Irate Coaches And Parents During Game


It's always enjoyable when your hometown's in the news, even if it's for something as outrageous as a youth football referee being awarded a $275,000 settlement after he was tackled and thrown to the ground, fracturing his shoulder.


Pro-Tip: Never Piss Off A Giraffe Or They’ll Kick You In Your Big Ass Forehead


I don't know that any of you would ever be dumb enough to find yourself in a situation where a pissed off giraffe would donkey punch you in your forehead, but after watching this video I want to make sure all of you avoid this situation.


According To This Video, Weddings In Kyrgyzstan Involve Blacking Out, Fighting Everyone, Sobbing Uncontrollably

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I'm not sure what to believe here, because if we're being honest I'm not even positive that 'Kyrgyzstan' is a real place.


Is There Any Worse Place To Get Knocked Out Cold Than The Floor At McDonald’s?


In your heart of hearts, can you think of a worse place to get knocked out than a McDonald's in London.


Kickboxing match turns into hardcore match after one fighter introduces weapons


I've never been to a live fight unless bar fights count because I've seen some insane bouts in beer halls.

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