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A Judge Goes All Judge Dredd and Straight Up Tries to Kick An Attorney’s Ass

Verdict: "I'll beat your ass."

Dude Refuses to Move His Car, Promptly Gets Savagely Beaten With Canoe Paddle

Never bring a fist to a canoe paddle fight.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Is Still Jawing at T.I.

Apparently, "these hoes ain't loyal."

Vicious Fight Continues Even After Fighters Slam Through Gym Window

Keep fighting 'til you hear the bell.

Fat Man Gets Knocked Out But Not Before Feasting On Some Sweet Ear Meat

Here’s a good rule of thumb — if you’re about to throw down with a scrappy but obese man, his only real means of defense

Unbe-WEAVE-able Cat Fight Erupts At High School

What are they teaching kids in school these days? Kids, if you’re going to get into fisticuffs, do it after school or away from teachers.

Everyone Was Invited to the Montreal Canadiens-Ottawa Senators Fight

There isn’t usually a tremendous amount of fighting in the NHL Playoffs, but the Ottawa Senators and Montreal Canadiens bucked that trend last night with

Stoners Punch Each Other In the Face During Tremendous 4/20 Fight on San Francisco’s Hippy Hill

Something about this fight in San Francisco reminds me of Hunter S. Thompson's not-so-subtly mockery of the sceney '60s hippy movement in Fear and Loathing in

Cary Williams, The Ravens CB Who Pushed an Official, Calls 49ers ‘Fake Tough Guys’

You know what’s tough? Shoving referees. Doesn’t get any more badass than that.

Former WWE Wrestler Shawn Daivari Choked Out a Belligerent Train Passenger, and Here’s the Video

Shawn Daivari has made his bones in the WWE and other wrestling outlets as a caricature of an anti-American Middle Easterner. So forgive me if

Brazilian Soccer Player Arrested After Vicious On-Field Assault of Referee

Things in this Brazilian soccer match got out of hand when the referee tried to give a player his second yellow card. Perhaps

‘Guy With Beard’ Ignites High School Baseball Brawl

The Major Leaguers kick off their season on American soil tonight. To get you amped, here’s a high school baseball brawl featuring several

This Is How You Join a Fight

This starts out like every other throwdown. A couple of guys are beating on each other in some sort of muddy quagmire next to a

Riot Police Called After Shoe Release Gets Real Ugly

Riot police had to break up a rowdy crowd outside an Orlando Foot Locker last night as excitement over the Nike Air Foamposite

Soccer Team Adds Player Who Just Started Vicious Brawl Against Them

This soccer fight is not too different from many we've seen previously. Michel Platini gets taken down with a haphazard tackle from Laurentiu

How Can We Resist a Melee In the Stands at the Mets - Nationals Game?

Here's a little five-on-five bleacher brawl at Nationals Park during Friday night's game against the Mets. How can we resist it? The elbow

Here’s 6 Minutes of Two Girls Fighting Over a Bag of Chips at a Gas Station

I love potato chips as much as the fatty, but am I willing to get pummeled for my love of deep-fried potatoes? Probably

Watch Nic Cage’s Son (Weston Cage) Get Beat Up By His Own Personal Trainer

Despite the bloody beat-down, which apparently left the Crow in the hospital, I have to admire the personal trainer's dedication to his client's fitness. According

Drunk Dude Gets Knocked the F-Out at Minnesota’s SoundSet 2011

This past Sunday Atmosphere, Big Boi, De La Soul, Mac Miller, and a bunch of underground Minnesota hip-hop up-and-comers took the stage for the fourth

Ukrainian Parliament Vice Speaker Choke Slams a Dude

On Friday the Ukrainian parliament chamber turned into a WWE spectacle.... again. Vice speaker of the Ukrainian parliament Adam Martynyuk choke-slammed a deputy legislator, Oleg

VIDEO: Samoan Rugby Star Clocks Opposing Player with Three-Punch Knockout

We usually don't follow professional rugby, especially the going-ons in England's Aviva Premiership. However, we couldn't resist posting this after noticing it in quite a

Charlie Villanueva Goes Wild After Coming to Blows With Ryan Hollins

The middle of April is a strange time of year: Taxes are due, the weather still has some bizarre tendencies, and, although the contenders in

Video Emerges of Dominique Wilkins Laying a Smackdown On Post-Game Attacker

Last night "The Highlight Reel" added a new, gnarly clip to his illustrious portfolio: A KO punch. The NBA Hall of Famer and Hawks vice

VIDEO: Fight on an NYC Subway Over Lack of Arm Space

Fact: There are days when commuting on the subway in New York City feels as primitive as the epic train escape scene in "Mad Max

VIDEO: Crazy Soccer Fans Punch Their Own Player in the Face After Shocking Upset

Here's an act of soccer hooliganism from across the pond that doesn't completely suck. On Friday the English soccer team Stevenage miraculously upset big, bad

VIDEO: Renardo Sidney Fights Mississippi State Teammate in the Stands

Here's a video clip of Mississippi State sophomore forward Renardo Sidney fighting his teammate, Elgin Bailey, in the stands at the Diamond Head Classic. According

VIDEO: Is This Bench-Clearing Brawl the Most Exciting Thing to Ever Happen in Lingerie Football?

I've taken a few not-so-subtle jabs at the Lingerie Football League in the past. It's not because I don't love the concept (hot chicks

Houston Texans Teammates Brian Cushing and Antonio Smith Almost Come to Blows On the Field

 It's only Monday and we already have an early frontrunner for J-Bro of the Week: Brian Cushing and Antonio Smith. In the second quarter of

VIDEO: Alex Ovechkin Fights the Rangers’ Brandon Dubinsky

All honesty: My vote is in for Ovechkin over Crosby. That being said, the dude was a little more than pissed when my Rangers stomped

VIDEO: The Crowd Goes Wild When a Raiders Fan Rocks a Loudmouth Dolphins Fan with One Punch

Yesterday I posted a douchy e-mail from Pittsburgh resident Devin about his Steelers' pride with a link to a fantastic fight at Sunday's Redskins game.

VIDEO: The Best High School Football Brawl You’ll See All Day

It's been far too long since we posted a video of a really superb high school football fight. But, boy oh boy, this intense melee

VIDEO: Giants Fans Bloodied By Shirtless Cowboys Faithful in New Meadowlands Stadium Bleacher Brawl

Strange things happen when the lights go out in the swamps of northern New Jersey. For example, this wild bleacher brawl that broke out between

VIDEO: Sean Avery Strikes Again, Sucker Punches Colin Fraser

He's the guy Rangers fans adore and everyone else wants to neuter: Sean Avery. Disclaimer: I own a Sean Avery jersey. I've accompanied him to

The Trashiest Notre Dame Fan Fight You’ll See Today

I spent two years at Notre Dame and not once was I treated to a meth-induced trailer-park brawl. Finally, one has emerged from the parking

Epic Baseball Fight: Marlins-Nationals Take Off the Gloves and Clear the Bench

Last night fists flew and bullpens emptied in Miami after Marlins pitcher Chris Volstad threw a wild one behind Nationals Nyjer Morgan. Pissed by the

Hockey Fight of the Day: Mazza Takes Off the Gloves Before Things Get Ugly

    This is the problem with having young kids watch pansy ass-stars like Sidney Crosby. They think they can come in and cheap shot someone away

5-on-1 Fight Outside Penn Station: Is it Real?

So in the video after the jump, you have five guys fighting one guy on Sixth Avenue in New York City right outside Penn Station