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Group MMA Fighting Looks Absolutely NUTS

It's like legalized street brawling.

VIDEO: This Is One of The Most Ruthless Street Fights I’ve Ever Seen

And I also think this is a hate crime.

You’ll Never Believe How This Hockey Fight Ends

This gem-of-a-hockey fight is from the Quebec-based LNAH, a semi-pro hockey league. Our two brawlers are Joel Theriault and Gaby Roch.

Epic Spring Break Bro Fight Features a 360 Elbow to the Face

Oh sure, this is a year old, but a reader just e-mailed it to us. During a rumble at Panama City Beach, one Bro ended

Bro Gets Knocked the F— Out In INSANE Spring Break Beach Fight

Ah, the wonder that is spring break: Sun, sand, beer, hormones... Hotel swimming pools filled with chlamydia.

Shia Labeouf Headbutted a Guy in London and There’s Video of the Brawl

Shia Labeouf's complete meltdown continues.... 

Alabama Fan Mom Brutally Attacks an Oklahoma Fan Bro In the Stands at the Sugar Bowl

Alabama fans don't take losses in the Nick Saban-era very easily, do they? At Thursday night's Sugar Bowl, an older, Alabama fan woman went apeshit on an

Can You Guess Which State a 600-Person Brawl Occurred In?

This being 2013, it should be an easy enough guess. 

Watch These Drunk, Douchebag College Kids Argue with a Restaurant Cashier

Attention college kids: Super not cool if you do this when you're drunk.

Old Man Kicks a Bunch of ASU Bros In the Face at the Arizona Game

Total bad ass motherfucker right here. I don't know how this old guy got into the Arizona State student section on Saturday, but he certainly wasn't

A Black Friday Tradition Like No Other: Watch People Fight Like Animals Over TVs at Wal-Mart

Another Black Friday, another round-up of the madness that goes on in big box retailers from people acting like animals over stupid sales over stupid

CRAZY Video of a High School Football Player Beating Another Player with His Helmet

Tempers can run high during a football game, but this is unquestionably the most unsportsman-like thing I've ever witnessed. Back in September I posted about

Ranking the Best Athlete Fist Fights

Whether it's an epic mano-y-mano, old school fist-fight or a hilarious naive interpretation of what a proper butt-kicking entails—some of the greatest fist-fights in sports

Two Bros Dressed as Mario and Lugi Fight at Keene State College’s Pumpkinfest

New Hampshire's Keene State College Pumpkinfest is a new one for us. Looks like it's a hell of a time. These two Bros dressed as

Swedish Hockey Ref Ends a Fight Like a Boss

Dude is my new hero for stopping a hockey fight like this. What a boss... 

This Impressive Rugby Fight Is Complete Bedlam

If this were the NFL, both teams would be fined so harshly by Benevolent Dictator Goodell that they'd have to file for bankrupcy. Forunately, it took

Maybe The Best Fight with a Bar Bouncer We’ve Ever Seen

What a scrap! Just wait for the KO... Wait for it, wait for it.... BOOM! Brutal.

Never fight bouncers, kids. You won't win. Ever. 

Crazy Fight Breaks Out at a Wedding, Because Russia

OF COURSE this takes place in Russia. OF COURSE..... 

WTF?! Watch Cowboys Fans Smash Each Other Over the Head with Beer Bottles After the Chargers Game

Today in people behaving poorly after sporting events: After the Cowboys-Chargers Game this past weekend, a big bruhaha went down in the Qualcomm Stadium parking lot, climaxing with

Drunk Irish Bro Gets In Fight with Three English Lads In New York City

Damnit, pizza-eating tourists. Can't you keep your centuries of trans-Irish Sea political beef off our city streets? 

Can We Talk About How Good This Joel Rechlicz vs Milan Lucic Hockey Fight Was?

It's too early into football season for me to really care about hockey right now, but shout out to Milan Lucic and Joel Rechlicz for putting on

A Bunch of UGA Fans Got In a Fight at a Tailgate

I always thought SEC fans were supposed to be classier than us Big Ten fans? You know, something about southern manners and what not? Anyawy,

A Bunch of PIKEs at Arizona State University Kicked a Sig Ep’s Ass, Leaving Him Hospitalized

Today in PIKEs doing PIKE things: A Sigma Phi Epsilon brother at Arizona State University is currently in the hospital after being allegedly attacked in an

Fight! Fight! Cary Williams and Riley Cooper Get Into a Brawl at Eagles Practice

Uh-Oh... Riley Cooper and Cary Williams threw punches at each other during today's Philadelphia Eagles practice, with Michael Vick having to jump in to hold

HUGE Fight Breaks Out a Green Bay Packers Training Camp, Jermichael Finley Hammers Jarvis Reed

Big fight today at the Green Bay Packers training camp, resulting in Jermichael Finley punching the shit out of Jarvis Reed after a play. Bad

Bro Gets Knocked the F*ck Out in Massive Bro-on-Bro Fight at Lake Havasu on the 4th of July

Notorious Southwestern party destination Lake Havasu was the scene of a massive, 25+ person Bro brawl during 4th of July festivities. Nothing like celebrating America's

Check Out This Chuck E Cheese Brawl, with the Gamechanging Tactic of Fighting While Holding a Baby

I had my 5th birthday party at this exact location. There was a big minor riot at the time--the ravenous elders hawked all the pizza,

OF COURSE the First Fight Video Caught on Google Glasses Happened at the Jersey Shore

Over the holiday weekend, filmmaker Chris Barrett went for a stroll on the boardwalk of Wildwood, New Jersey wearing his pair of Google Glasses. The

Watch an Epic White Trash Fight Outside a Kenny Chesney Show in Pittsburgh

Sweet mother of-- Look at all those cargo shorts! I don't think I've ever seen so many cargo shorts in my life. It's like a cargo short

Chubby Thai Kid Gets Completely Beat Up by Ruthless Girl. It Might Make You Cry

Do you have sympathy? 

Watch a Bunch of Stratty Betches In Sundresses Get In a Fight Before Fratstars Break That Sh*t Up

Meathead blog douche voice: "I guess this is going viral." Spotted at the Iroquois Steeplechase in Nashville. Fratstars to the rescue! Whatever is going on

Stoners Punch Each Other In the Face During Tremendous 4/20 Fight on San Francisco’s Hippy Hill

Something about this fight in San Francisco reminds me of Hunter S. Thompson's not-so-subtly mockery of the sceney '60s hippy movement in Fear and Loathing in

15 People in Sports Who Can Really Take a Punch


Richmond’s ‘Shamrock the Block’ Was a Drunken Sh*tshow of Green Spandex and Idiots Fighting Cops

How was St. Patrick's Day in Richmond, Virginia? I'm glad you asked!

Here's some interesting fight footage of cops arresting a shirtless dude in spandex shorts.

Douchebag Gets Punched By a Street Performer Statue

Oh, sweet justice. 

Old Guy Knocks Out an Atlanta News Reporter with a Punch to the Face

Solid KO here. One punch and the old man car dealer drops Jeff Chirico, a reporter at CBS Atlanta. The guy who

Watch a Douche Get Knocked Out for Being… a Douche

The best part easily comes from the dog licking the knocked out guy. He should have peed on him too.

Guy Tracks Down Dude Who Stole His iPhone and Fights Him on Video

Dude is a Bro legend for tracking down the scumbag who stole his iPhone. Bravo! Screw that guy.

Watch a School Bully Try and Start a Fight, Then Get Absolutely Wrecked

Can't just talk the talk, Bro. 


Here’s Video of the Fight that Got Two BYU Players Kicked Out of School

It's a fact of life that the 24-hour Mexican restaurant is the greatest thing in the world. You can get a massive burrito at 3