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Syracuse Bro Delivers Devastating KO To A Notre Dame Fan In MetLife Stadium Brawl

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New Jersey's Metlife Stadium doesn't see a lot of college football action.


Man Takes HILARIOUS Video Selfie While A Bunch Of LSU Frat Bros Fight In The Background


This video is blowing up on Reddit all morning and keeps cracking me up.

fight videos

Watch This College Bro Knock His Friend Out With A 7-Pound Dildo


YouTube This video goes all the way back to 2005, which means its probably the oldest video you've watched on the Internet in a long time.


This Scumbag Stabs A Walmart Loss Prevention Guard After Getting Stopped For Theft, Promptly Gets DESTROYED


Being a Loss Prevention guy is like being a cop, except with none of the weapons or training.


Watch an NFL Rookie Get Into an INSANE Fight with Nightclub Bouncers in Tampa


This is a good way to ruin your NFL career before it even begins.

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