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Beach Bro Knocks Down Three Bros With Three Consecutive Punches

Bro on bro violence at an all-time high over at Huntington Beach.

Vicious Fight Continues Even After Fighters Slam Through Gym Window

Keep fighting 'til you hear the bell.

This is a Times Square Fight for the Ages

Many of these so-called “epic fight” videos posted to YouTube fail to deliver the violence we, as a society, so deserve to enjoy. This is

Watch Two Old CFL Legends Fight Each Other with a Cane and Punches

Gotta love waking up on a Sunday morning to an ALL-CAPS email in the inbox from a reader in Canadian describing a fight

‘Ironman’ Fights ‘Danny Glover’ On New York City’s C Train Subway

Here's a Mother's Day slugfest between two guys dubbed "Danny Glover" and "Iron man" on NYC's C train subway. Both are pretty scrappy pugilists and

Video: The Most Peculiar One-Punch Knock-Out You’ll See Today

The reaction, or rather, non-reaction to this one-punch knock-out is almost unsettling. Normally there is a fair bit of taunting that goes on if you

Video: Brutal Locker Room Beat Down

The title says it all. One of these scrappers is going to get an ass-kicking he won't soon forget — if he even remained conscious

Video: Guy Hits His Friend in the Face With a Guitar

I just saw this video -- in my Facebook news feed, or whatever that river is called -- of two guys ruining perfectly good guitars

VIDEO: Gay Guy Hits a Few Women on D.C. Subway

So being gay apparently makes it O.K. to hit women. Or at least that's what the idiot in this video apparently thinks. He likes pen*s,

Video: Guy Threatens Man with Knife Then Settles for Hitting Him With Stick All Over $6 Debt

This video of a man trying to recoup his generous $6 loan is eerily similar to that "Family Guy" episode where Brian keeps dodging Stewie

VIDEO: Another Day, Another Fight Among Women

Who wants to see sl*t #1 (the beauty who is testing the limits of that bra's elasticity) swing and fling sl*t #2 around by her

On a Scale of 1 to 10, How Trashy is this Brawl at Rutgersfest from This Past Weekend?

I'd make a Jersey joke, but that'd be in poor taste. According to the Rutgers student newspaper, the Daily Targum, over 30,000 people headed to

VIDEO: A Neighborhood Street Fight Escalates Quickly

I can't tell you where the saying "it takes a village" originated but this neighborhood seems to have applied that methodology to fighting. Don't let

VIDEO: Pittsburgh Pirates Fan Gets Clubbed and Tasered at PNC Park

Just another day at the ball park for this Pirates fan wearing a very patriotic stars and stripes jacket? Hardly. Counting Baseballs calls the left

Yet Another Classy, Chair-Throwing Cat Fight at Denny’s

Every few months video footage surfaces of a new brawl at a Denny's restaurant. Now I've had my fair share of 3 a.m. post-boozing Grand

Fight in the Stands at Saturday’s Argentina vs. USA Soccer Match

On Saturday 78,936 soccer fans packed New Meadowlands Stadium for a "friendly" game between the USA and Argentina. The game ended in a 1-1 draw.

Mom of the Year Cheers on Son as He Fights Another Boy; Gets Arrested

Here's a crazy story from Modesto, California about a true mom-of-the-year candidate who encouraged her junior high school-aged son to settle some sort of feud

VIDEO: Female Bully Gets Owned

It's been a rough couple weeks for those who can't back "it" up. Not to be mistaken with a fat ass, in this instance "it"

The Trashiest South Padre Island Spring Break Fight You’ll See Today

I truly regret to say that I've never been to South Padre Island, Texas. From what I've heard and witnessed in many a Girls Gone

Celebs’ Emails Hacked; Libya Ceasefire?; Spaghetti-Sparked Subway Fight (Video)

Here are the (belated) morning headlines: Hollywood: More than 50 celebrities, including Vanessa Hudgens, Ali Larter, Scarlett Johansson, and Miley Cyrus, have had their email accounts

Dude Gets Tased and Maced During Fight at SXSW 2011

A few members of the BroBible team are in Austin this week for South By Southwest. In fact, tonight we're throwing a big, unofficial party

Five Must-Watch Mardi Gras Fight Videos

If there's one thing we learned as bloggers, it's that the four-ingredient recipe for a top-notch fight video is about as simple as whipping up

VIDEO: Strip Club Bouncer Punches Guy in Face, Steals His Money

Here's a cautionary tale of an a**hole bouncer abusing his power and beating up a customer in the bathroom of a strip club in Worcester,

VIDEO: Just Another Wild Cat Fight at Denny’s

Back in late October, a Denny's in East Oakland, California, was annihilated after a massive Eggs Over My Hammy brawl. Here's a trashy fracas /

Lakers Shopping Bynum for ‘Melo? Plus, Principal Body Slams Student

Here are this morning's top news headlines: NBA: According to reports, the Lakers have seemingly entered the fray for Carmelo Anthony, with Andrew Bynum on the

VIDEO: Two Classy Str*ppers Settle Argument With Violence

Sorry for the terrible picture above but JoePa just sent me a link to this video from Nothing Toxic and requested that I post it. Apparently

VIDEO: Two Women Fight Each Other in Their Underwear

Nothing breaks up the work day quite like a video of two women beating the ever-loving shit out of each other. And nothing makes that

VIDEO: Fight Breaks Out at ‘Friendly’ Argentine Soccer Match

Here's some footage from a 'Friendly' -- but very, very dirty -- pre-season soccer match in Aregntina that broke out into a wild fight. The

VIDEO: Food, Fatty Flaps, and Fists Fly in Epic San Jose Cat Fight

Today we applaude you, Internet, for your good work. It's been another banner week for awesome fight videos. We're impressed. Here's a video of a

VIDEO: Fight Breaks Out at Mel’s Diner on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, California

Here's a video of a Winter Solstice brawl at Mel's Drive-in in West Hollywood. Oh California, we'll never understand your obsession with fighting in diners

VIDEO: Drunk Guy Tests New York City Bouncer, Gets Tossed to Ground

Ah, the holidays. Everyone is coming home, heading to local watering holes, and getting schwasted. If there is one thing the holidays can guarantee, it

VIDEO: Ukrainian Parliament Erupts Into Massive Brawl

During a week in which some bipartisan compromise actually laid the groundwork for major bill passings in the United States Congress, things weren't so rosy

VIDEO: The Crowd Goes Wild When a Raiders Fan Rocks a Loudmouth Dolphins Fan with One Punch

Yesterday I posted a douchy e-mail from Pittsburgh resident Devin about his Steelers' pride with a link to a fantastic fight at Sunday's Redskins game.

VIDEO: Andre Johnson and Cortland Finnegan Fight, Get Ejected

Here's the video of the fight between the Texans' Andre Johnson and the Titans' Cortland Finnegan, which resulted in both players' helmets getting torn off,

VIDEO: A Gang of Angry Amusement Park Mascots Beat Down Two Guys

I can't believe it's Wednesday and we're already on our fourth fight video of the week. This gem is a diamond in the rough. Here's

VIDEO: Is Lingerie Football Really Worth Fighting Over?

Here's a short list of embarrassing situations to get in a fist fight over: Cutting in-front of someone in the checkout line at Bed, Bath, and

Check Out This Parking Lot Brawl at a Texans-Cowboys Tailgate

Sadly, this week we've failed in our journalistic mission to bring you the very best fan fights from the wide world of sports. Until now.

VIDEO: Brawl Breaks Out in Stands at University of Miami Game

Last night my Canes put Florida A&M over their knee and spanked the ever-living shit out of them. As you can gather, this was quite

Video: Old Man Gets Tossed as Fight Breaks Out in Nosebleeds at U.S. Open

Normally the theatrics at a Novak Djokvic tennis match are either mid-action with some spectacular shots by the Serbian, or post-match, when his famous impressions