street fight

GTA IRL: Street Fight Interrupted By Drivers Bulldozing Dudes In The Street

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I'm not saying the drivers of those cars play too many video games, but I am saying that they probably spend way too much time playing Grand Theft Auto.


Is There Any Worse Place To Get Knocked Out Cold Than The Floor At McDonald’s?


In your heart of hearts, can you think of a worse place to get knocked out than a McDonald's in London.


BMX Rider Brawls With Security Guards, Loses, Sucker Punches A Guard

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The (supposed) backstory here is that the BMX riders went to the mall, were told they couldn't have their bikes and were asked to leave, then the security guards got to the pushing.

fight video

Beach Bro Knocks Down Three Bros With Three Consecutive Punches


Bro on bro violence at an all-time high over at Huntington Beach.

stupid woman video

Woman gets instant karma after kicking guy in the nuts


A friendly reminder: violence is violence, regardless of gender.

fight video

Daughter defends mother in disturbing street fight


As fight videos go, this one's pretty disturbing.

Tampa Bay Bucs

Eagles-Bucs game features all-out brawl between men and women


Another Sunday of NFL football, another fight in the stands.

Toronto Blue Jays

Girl gets dumped with beer during fight at Blue Jays game


Just another garden variety brouhaha in the nosebleeds.

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