Fight Club 2

‘Fight Club 2′ is happening but obviously don’t tell anyone about it


Fight Club is getting a sequel but it's probably not what you think.

Vine Fight Club

‘Vine Fight Club’ gives you the best fights on the Internet in 6 second videos


Do you want to watch someone get the snot punched out of them, but only have six and a half seconds.


‘Fight Club’ with Tyler Durden removed makes the movie seem even crazier than it was


The big reveal of Fight Club -- decade old spoiler alert -- is that Tyler Durden isn't real.


Watch an Amazing Video That Removes Tyler Durden from ‘Fight Club’


Spoiler alert: Tyler Durden was a figment of the narrator's imagination.


Guyism Speed Round for August 22


In today's Guyism Speed Round, Katie Nolan discusses a new kind of fight club, a product in India that will make you feel '18 Again,' and more.

Tropic Thunder

7 of the most hilarious punches in movies


Sometimes to hit the right comedic note you just need a little violence because there's something about someone getting smacked, thwacked, slapped or punched that's just plain funny.

The Usual Suspects

10 of the most memorable twist endings in movies

By | 8 Comments

In many cases, a well-executed twist ending instantly transforms a good movie into a great movie.

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