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The New Trailer for FIFA 15 Is Here and It Is SEXY

It covers the Premier League, the sexiest of leagues.

Even the Video Game Version of Luis Suarez Can’t Stop Biting People

The guy has a real problem.

Top FIFA Official Shocked at the Amount of Drunkenness at the World Cup


Luis Suarez Is Officially BANNED Because He Can’t Stop/Won’t Stop Biting People

Dude needs to go back to Pre-K and learn a thing or two.

The FIFA 15 Gameplay Trailer Is an Emotional Tour de Force

Can you kick it?

John Oliver Took a Steaming Dump All Over FIFA Just in Time for the World Cup

Hot take alert.

Bro FREAKS OUT Over a FIFA 14 Game and Destroys His TV

Wooah. Bad day, Bro? Get cut-off in traffic on the way home to work? Girlfriend break up with you? Roid rage? Looks like you might

5 Reasons Why Playing FIFA is Good for You

If you’re a male between the ages of 8-35, you should be aptly familiar with FIFA by now. And if you’ve

Watch the First Gameplay Trailer for FIFA 14

Good news, futbol geeks: Today EA dropped a dope new gameplay trailer for FIFA 14. So what's new? Here are all the shiny new features

The New Commercial for FIFA 13 Features Snoop Lion and A$AP Rocky

FIFA Soccer 13 comes out next week. In a new TV spot, A$AP Rocky, Snoop Lion, Andrew Luck and Monica Gonzalez are featured gettin' their

Thierry Henry Talks to BroBible About the MLS, His Favorite Shoes and Playing as Himself in FIFA

On a hot Sunday afternoon in the Meatpacking District’s Gansevoort Plaza, the guy who has been called a once-in-a-generation striker and the best player in

Watch Canada’s 16-Year-Old Goalie Score a Half-Pitch Game-Tying Goal Against England

It's not really in our nature to post two soccer highlights in one day, but, meh, it's the end of June and there isn't really