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Top FIFA Official Shocked at the Amount of Drunkenness at the World Cup


Luis Suarez Is Officially BANNED Because He Can’t Stop/Won’t Stop Biting People

Dude needs to go back to Pre-K and learn a thing or two.

The FIFA 15 Gameplay Trailer Is an Emotional Tour de Force

Can you kick it?

John Oliver Took a Steaming Dump All Over FIFA Just in Time for the World Cup

Hot take alert.

Bro FREAKS OUT Over a FIFA 14 Game and Destroys His TV

Wooah. Bad day, Bro? Get cut-off in traffic on the way home to work? Girlfriend break up with you? Roid rage? Looks like you might

5 Reasons Why Playing FIFA is Good for You

If you’re a male between the ages of 8-35, you should be aptly familiar with FIFA by now. And if you’ve

Watch the First Gameplay Trailer for FIFA 14

Good news, futbol geeks: Today EA dropped a dope new gameplay trailer for FIFA 14. So what's new? Here are all the shiny new features

The New Commercial for FIFA 13 Features Snoop Lion and A$AP Rocky

FIFA Soccer 13 comes out next week. In a new TV spot, A$AP Rocky, Snoop Lion, Andrew Luck and Monica Gonzalez are featured gettin' their

Thierry Henry Talks to BroBible About the MLS, His Favorite Shoes and Playing as Himself in FIFA

On a hot Sunday afternoon in the Meatpacking District’s Gansevoort Plaza, the guy who has been called a once-in-a-generation striker and the best player in

Watch Canada’s 16-Year-Old Goalie Score a Half-Pitch Game-Tying Goal Against England

It's not really in our nature to post two soccer highlights in one day, but, meh, it's the end of June and there isn't really