Australian Reporter Tries His Hardest Not To Laugh After Drive-By FHRITP On Live TV


Yesterday we brought you a FHRITP video of a Canadian reporter in Scotland, today we have an Australian drive-by FHRITP.


This Canadian Newscaster’s Reaction To FHRITP Makes It Funny All Over Again


Of COURSE a Canadian reporter would have the most polite and friendly reaction we've seen yet to FHRITP being screamed during a live interview.

High school.

Kid gets suspended from school for 5 days after dropping legendary FHRITP


I can't say I'm certain what happened here, why this kid was on the stage of his high school, or how big his balls are.


Reporter gets nailed with not one but TWO ‘f–k her in the p—y’ bombs on live TV


The worst assignment for any news reporter HAS to be reporting from an area surrounded by thousands of drunk college kids.

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