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Kate Upton Is the Susan B. Anthony of Our Generation

Who knew?

Bruce Willis’s Daughter Is Walking Topless Around NYC For a Great Cause

Something she earnestly believes in.

Why Duke Porn Star Belle Knox Needs to Stick to Porn and Not Feminism

Fuck Duke. Words I still live by long after my graduation from the University of Maryland. But funny enough, since the porn star at Duke

There’s a Fake BroBible, and Someone Is Tricking the Internet With It

We like to monitor Twitter chatter directed at BroBible. And, normally, we see some pretty interesting stuff—your dizzy bat fails, your latest campus controversies, your

The Bro’s Guide to Being a Feminist

Feminism is hot right now. If this were 2000, feminism would be Nelly, right when Country Grammar came out. And we

Rush Limbaugh Says Men’s Penises Are ‘10 Percent Smaller’ Because of ‘Feminazis’

According to a vague study publshed on ChaCha.com, Italian reseachers have discovered that average penis size is 10 percent smaller than it was in 1950. The