‘Portlandia’ Put Male Feminists On Blast And Now I Don’t Know Who To Laugh At Or With


In a clip from this week's upcoming episode of 'Portlandia' Fred Armisen and his crew put male feminists on blast.


Watch As These Stone-Faced Feminists Read Mean Tweets From Trolls

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Anonymity on the Internet is a pretty special phenomenon, as it allows anyone to say anything they want without fear of any repercussion.

emma watson

Emma Watson Delivers A Must-Watch Speech At the United Nations

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Yesterday Emma Watson was in New York City to give a speech on gender equality to the United Nations as the UN Women's Goodwill Ambassador.

tiny penis

Women everywhere can now buy their very own tiny penis sculpture


Ladies have been told at some point in their lives to "grow some cojones," "sack up" or perhaps "be a little ballsy.


Guy tries to pickup girl, ends up rejected in the angriest way possible


The guy in this video does some type of street pickup videos in which he tries to get girls' numbers.


This lady lawyer’s bus ad is all too true


I'm not sure that I'd hire serious injury lawyer Siona Sullivan.

Miley Cyrus pictures

Miley Cyrus says she’s ‘one of the biggest feminists in the world’


I am no great expert on feminism, but when Miley Cyrus says that she's "one of the biggest feminists in the world" even I raise an eyebrow.


This is how you make a feminist mad in under two minutes flat


A bunch of drunk guys on a bus sing the old drinking song "I Used to Work in Chicago", chock full of misogynistic lines about fingering women and giving them forcible abortions.

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