Wrigleyville Bar Stabbing Suspect Literally Can’t Keep His Sh*t Together


Some TBOX bar crawls get weird, some get downright violent, and others make you question the true nature of man’s existence.

Poop Transplant

People get poop transplants?


For some intestinal diseases doctors may recommend a treatment that's far from glamorous -- in fact, some might call it downright disgusting.


Elephant Flings Crap at Zoo Goer, Leaves the Man COVERED in Feces


I don't know what velocity an elephant can thrust its trunk at, or the basic consistency of the animal's excrement, but MY GOD, the beast just peppered that poor dude with its hot sludge.

Video games

Remember kids, real ‘Pokemon’ champions don’t defecate in hotel hallways


Ruben Puig Lecegui, who recently won The United Kingdom’s Video Game Championship's top prize for Pokemon, 2nd year in a row, was recently stripped of his crown.

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