19 Things Only People With Adult ADHD Will Understand


About seven years ago, I was diagnosed with adult ADHD.

worst nfl teams ever

The 9 most embarrassingly bad teams in the history of the NFL


Every fan believes his team will achieve NFL glory, but the reality is that most teams will end up being disappointments.

party rules

8 of the worst party fouls you might not even know you’re committing


We all know that throwing up on your host’s hand-stitched Persian rug, peeing off the back deck onto unsuspecting guests below or drinking until you everyone knows your life story are Party Foul 101 material, but let’s go just a little deeper.

worst college football rulebreakers

The 11 worst scandals in the history of college football


College football is beloved by many as a bastion of amateurism, a reminder of when sports were less crass and more… okay, I can’t keep this up.

worst emmy award winners ever

The 11 most horrible Emmy Award winners of all time


The Emmy Awards are upon us once again, that time of the year when everyone in the TV industry gathers to kiss each other’s asses and pretend that CBS produces quality shows.

short tv series on netflix

9 great shows you can Netflix marathon over the weekend


Are you like me in that when you want to get into a new show, the less seasons it is the less intimidated you are by the sheer time commitment it poses to your life.

sci fi technology IRL

8 amazing sci-fi technologies that exist in real life


Sci-fi technology has always captured the imagination.


8 ways to tell if your favorite BBQ joint is authentic (from pitmasters and experts)


It’s summertime and you’re sure to be hungering for some delicious BBQ, but how do you know what you’re eating is authentic, and what does authentic BBQ even mean.

worst movie villains

The 50 best movie villains of all time


Every good story needs a villain – Jesus had Satan, Sherlock had Moriarty, real life has the Kardashians – but movie villains are in a class all their own.

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