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Hero Dad Catches Home Run While Holding Child on Father’s Day


5 Important Things a Father Should Teach His Son

Dads are a strange and temperamental group, one minute they’re imparting life skills on you, the next moment they’re hitting you with a belt because

This Bro Claims He’s Conan O’Brien’s Illegitimate Son, Sure As Hell Looks the Part

Is Greg Keating REALLY Conan O'Brien's bastard son? Only Conan, Greg's mom, God and DNA know the answer to that, but the story Greg tells (IF TRUE)

Bro Turns Backyard into Replica of Florida Gators Football Field for Kids

If my father had done something like this for me when I was a young boy, our relationship would have turned out much differently. I

Father of the Year Displays World-Class Dance Moves at Baseball Game

This made my morning.

Dad Has Daughter Pose Sexily on Top of His 1977 Datsun So He Could Sell It On eBay

Let's start by exonerating the father in this scenario because just by looking at this chick, you can tell it was her idea. Her old

Tennessee Man Fathers 30 Kids by 11 Women, Sets Dubious Record

Now this guy puts Antonio Cromartie to shame. Desmond Hatchett, a Knoxville, Tenn. cassnova, has fathered 30 children by 11 different women. And he’s pleading