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Would You Be Pissed If Pizza Hut Referred To You As A ‘Pink Fat Lady’ On A Receipt? Because This Pink Fat Lady Was


Some people are so friggin’ sensitive it’s a wonder that they don’t spend their entire lives crying in a dark closet about how mean and unfair the world is.


This Map Showing The Fattest States In The Country Makes Me Want To Eat A Cheeseburger


So maybe eating a cheeseburger isn't the reaction you're supposed to have when you look at this map made by the Trust for America's Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, but hey.


Fatties Everywhere Rejoice (With Cake) Study Says Fat People Less Likely To Die From Heart Problems Than Thin People


So this justifies the fact I ate large meat lover's pizza all by myself last night, right.


This 450-Pound Guy Tried To Smuggle Weed In His Stomach Fat


Because sticking it up your butt is soooo last year.

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Formerly Fat Athletes Who Lost an Unbelievable Amount of Weight


Remember when Antone Davis was on The Biggest Loser, then started Eating Fresh.


7 people that will ruin your Thanksgiving dinner

By | 6 Comments

If you're planning on hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, look out.


This girl is a real life Cookie Monster


You're going to think mean things when you see this video.


Fat guy explains the problems with obesity in funniest way possible


On the one hand, America does have a serious obesity crisis.


Study: People in the South not as fat as previously thought


A new study from the University of Alabama at Birmingham says that the South is not as fat as the rest of the world has made them out to be for years.

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