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Machine Gun Kelly Smoked ‘a Pound’ of Weed to Deliver This Interview

Machine Gun Kelly has a habit of showing up to interviews—and performances at Microsoft stores—a little whacked-out. When we interviewed him back in October, he

Comedian Fat Jew Does SoulCycle for the Homeless on NYC CitiBikes Station

This is the most amazing thing I've watched today. Comedian Fat Jew managed to combine three things New Yorkers won't shut up -- SoulCycle, CitiBike,

Here’s The Fat Jew Conducting a Funny and Illuminating Interview with J Cole

Nardwuar is the undisputed master of the hip-hop interview. Agreed? Agreed. There's room in the game for more than one great talker, though, and you

Dude Hires Two Hookers and Makes Them Act Out the Battle Scene in ‘Braveheart’

Seminal work here by the artist known as the Fat Jew.