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Instagram Legend Fat Jew Hilariously Recreates The ‘Braveheart’ Battle Scenes


If you're not following Instagram personality Fat Jew, you have no idea what sort of comedy cold you're missing out on.

VICE Sports

Fat Jew asks hot dog eating champ Joey Chestnut the thing we’ve all wondered about — his bowel movements


Internet celebrity 'The Fat Jew' sat down with American hero & eating champion Joey Chestnut to discuss his eating habits leading up to the 4th of July.


Machine Gun Kelly Smoked ‘a Pound’ of Weed to Deliver This Interview


Machine Gun Kelly has a habit of showing up to interviews—and performances at Microsoft stores—a little whacked-out.

J Cole

Here’s The Fat Jew Conducting a Funny and Illuminating Interview with J Cole


Nardwuar is the undisputed master of the hip-hop interview.

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