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This Big Fat Dude Getting His Gunt Grinded On By A Hot Chick Is My Spirit Animal

What is this event and why was I not invited?

Nebraska’s Spring Game Featured Fat Guys Fielding Punts

There’s something oddly mesmerizing about watching offensive lineman trying to corral punts. Kudos to Nebraska coach Bo Pelini for realizing this is what the people

‘Welsh Maradona,’ AKA ‘Fat Guy with Amazing Soccer Skillz,’ Is Back for More

Last week, we posted this video to great fanfare. And given that (a. this guy is ridiculously impressive, and (b. you guys ate that shit

Guy Blows Half-Court Shot in Hilariously Bad Fashion

True story: I got to shoot a half-court shot in college for $1,000 and came dangerously close to sinking it. Seeing the ball hit the

Proof Fat Guys Aren’t the Best at Catching Punts

God bless football linemen and all the hard work they do that goes largely unnoticed as skill position players get all the glory.