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6 Fast-Food Breakfasts That Should Exist


Completely relaxed, I settle into the couch, unwilling to walk the fifteen feet to the bed or clean up the Funyun pile perched on my stomach.


Watch This Christian Bro Give Every Christian A Bad Name When He Loses His Shit At In-N-Out


Never in my life have I felt as slighted as this upstanding Christian when someone failed to thank me after I held the door for them, but my goodness does this tool have a public meltdown.

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Too Stoned To Talk? You Can Now Order Taco Bell Via An App


Problem: You've been doing bong rips all night while playing Call of Duty with your Bros.


I Have Constructed The Perfect Fast Food Meal Using Every Major Chain And Only $6

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At lunch this week, I managed to spend over $12 buying fast food just off the restaurant dollar menu.


Why The Hell Is KFC Giving Korea This New, Delicious-Looking Version Of The Double Down And Not America?


I not only feel betrayed by The Colonel, this whole blasphemous scenario reminds me of Ice Cube's father in Friday after he realizes his son eats all the food in the house and leaves him with jackshit.


McDonalds Is About To Get Fancy By Having A ‘Create Your Own’ Burger Option And It DOESN’T Look Like Shit


Everyone knows that the ads for fast food aren’t accurate depictions of what you’re gonna get once you waltz through those gold double arches and order…well, anything on the menu, really.

fast food

Remember Burger King’s Black Burgers? Well They Look Even More Disgusting In Real Life


Earlier this month Burger King announced that it's making a "black burger" to be served in Japanese restaurants.


McDonald’s Wants You To Eat McBrunch There


Let's sip some bloodies in a McDonald's booth.

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