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You Can Now Find McNazi Symbols On Your McDonald’s Chicken Sandwiches If You Live In North Carolina

Probably not the best way to get people to eat at McDonalds.

Burger King Is Bringing Back the Best Item in Fast Food History

The dip days are no longer over.

This Is the Most Unhealthy Meal You Can Order In America and It Looks Fucking Delicious

Congratulations, Red Robin.

Fast Food Urban Legends: Are They True?

No, Taco Bell does not use horsemeat. Anymore.

26 INSANE KFC Foods You Probably Haven’t Tried

Not going to lie, I would ABSOLUTELY crush a KFC Triple Decker.

Ever Wonder What’s Inside Your Fast Food?

Better question... Do you WANT to know what's in your fast food?

U.S. Map Shows Which Fast Food Restaurant Your State Is Best Known For

I don't know how accurate the map is, but I think HWY 55 Burgers got a raw deal in North Carolina.

Man Eats Every Item Off McDonald’s Dollar Menu as One Disgusting, 5,000+ Calorie Burger

This is just grotesque. Youtuber Furious Pete is a man with a heart-attack death wish, apparently.

11 Facts That Will Change the Way You Eat At McDonald’s

Did you know that the salads at McDonald's have more calories than the burgers?

5 Ways To Piss Off Fast Food Workers

Apparently the dudes at Chipotle hate it just as much as you do when they can't roll a burrito.

McDonald’s Spared NO EXPENSE Creating the New Happy Meal Character


Americans Try McDonald’s For The First Time, Film Their Reactions

Woah, woah, woah... Pump the brakes here. There adult Americans out there who have NEVER had McDonalds in their life?

Taco Bell Is Launching High-End Taco Bell

The first location will be in California.

These 5 Chipotle Secret Menu Items Are Gamechangers

The Internet has a pretty big obsession with "secret menu" items at fast food restaurants.

For a Wedding Present, Kanye West Bought Kim Kardashian … 10 Burger King Franchises

It's a fast food romance, apparently

A Guide to Fast Food Mashups You Should Try

Horray for diabetes!!!!

This Is What a McDonald’s Happy Meal Looks Like After Just Sitting Around for Two Years

This picture comes from a chiropractor’s office in Omaha, Nebraska. Apparently the office is displaying a two-year-old McDonald’s Happy Meal […]

McDonald’s Employee Celebrates His 100th Birthday By Going to Work at McDonald’s, Proves Millenials Really Are a Bunch of Shitheads

  McDonald’s employee Morris Miller might be the oldest McDonald’s employee in the world. Last week he celebrated his 100th […]

McDonald’s Secret Menu Items You Need To Try

The Monster Mac: A Big Mac with EIGHT Patties. "It's like a meat avalache in my mouth." Fuck. Yes. 

Female McDonald’s Workers in Taiwan Dress Like Maids and Schoolgirls, Refer to Customers as ‘Master’

Suffice it to say, whoever came up with this idea is sitting on a swath of unfulfilled sexual fetishes. Not that there is anything wrong

McDonald’s in Canada Has Released McPoutine, Just in Case You Haven’t Vomited Today

That above monstrosity comes from Twitter user @The_Alex.

Guys: We Have to Eat 10 Million Pounds of Leftover, Unusued McDonalds Wings

Yesterday was Football Sunday, and I ate a lot of wings. Too many, judging by the consistency and volume of this morning's farts. But if McDonalds

Are You Ready For Your Pizza to be Chipotle-fied?

You love Chipotle, I love Chipotle. It's okay. The fast-casual chain revolutionized fast-casual food, which may not have even been a thing before Chipotle existed. 

The Legend Behind the Doritos Locos Tacos Has Tragically Passed Away

There are some heroes who never really get their due. They may change your life in a profound way, but you couldn't pick them out

Burger King’s New Burger Is Dumb

The fast food war is an unconventional war. A war that calls for unconventional weapons: Cheap burgers. Bacon sundaes. Type-2 diabetes. You outsiders would never

Can I Get a Life With That? Tales From a Fast Food Worker’s Hell

[Editor's note: we recieved this story earlier this week. The email had a "no reply" address attached to it. So if

Subway Employee Puts Penis On Sandwich Bread, Instagrams It, and Now You’ll Never Eat Subway Again

Look, no one goes to Subway because they enjoy it. Even the people working there know their sandwiches are a miserable experiece meant to be

12 Crazy Things You Can Get at McDonalds In a Foreign Country

Mickey D's hot pockets? Yes, Mickey D's hot pockets....

These Highest-Calorie Fast Food Menu Items Mean You Probably Shouldn’t Look at the Calories

Don't click through this post if you'd like to continue enjoying that Baconator currently sitting on your desk, you know the one—that double cheeseburger stuffed

The Magical Changing Money Prank Shockingly Fooled Fast Food Workers

You’ve got to get up pretty early in the morning to outsmart workers in the fast food industry. They’re the cream of the crop, known

Dunkin’ Donuts Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich Is Pure Gluttony, Awesomeness

Really hoping this is as good as my previous favorite Dunkin Donuts creation, the blueberry waffle sandwich. Best of all, it's hitting stores nationwide on

Burger King Introduces Hands-Free Whopper, Maybe Inspired by The Onion

The Onion. June 3, 2008: "New Wearable Feedbags Let Americans Eat More, Move Less."

Guess What Happened to This Bro at Burger King?

Dude... Where's your car?

Taco Bell Is Making a Waffle Taco for Breakfast

Behold what might be the new greatest fast food breakfast ever created: Taco Bell's Waffle Taco. The Waffle Taco was recently spotted at a Taco Bell in

GAMECHANGER: McDonald’s CEO Hints at Delivery and Breakfast All-Day

Fire up those hash browns and Egg McMuffins: This is a hangover GAMECHANGER.  Speaking on CNBC's "Squawk on the Street," McDonald's President and CEO Don Thompson hinted

Guess What This Guy Was Going to Trade for a McDonalds Meal?

Would you lose all your dignity for a Big Mac?

5 Shockingly Healthy Fast Food Meals

We're downsizing. At least, the next few articles will be about how to eat on a low budget and still get ripped like a ticket

Burger King: ‘Fine, There Was Just a LITTLE Bit of Horse Meat in Our Burgers’

"You don't mind if I watch you eat me, do you?"

The World’s Fastest Drive-Thru Is Predictably Messy

This is incredibly stupid. I laughed anyway.

Watch This Subway Sandwich Artist Recap Fight With Guy Who Asked for Ketchup on Philly Cheesesteak

God bless this man for standing up for his principles. Ketchup is the worst. And it belongs nowhere near a delicious Philly Cheesesteak.