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This Guy Farting The ‘Imperial March’ From ‘Star Wars’ Has A More Talented Sphincter Than You


There's no obvious value in life to being able to far the tune to Star Wars' 'Imperial March,' but that didn't stop this guy from teaching himself to do that.


This Guy Tried To Vacuum His Farts Away And Wound Up Getting His Sphincter Sucked Into The Vacuum Instead


When it comes to getting rid of shitty smells, my mind immediately jumps to air fresheners.


There’s A Scientific Reason Why You Like The Smell Of Your Own Farts


Ever wonder why you can fester in the smell of your own asshole, even to the point of enjoying it, but when someone else blows a fart you want to puke all of your insides out.


Men Finally Have A ‘Holding In My Farts’ Horror Story That Could Give Us Carte Blanche To Go WILD


I've been saying it for a while now that men need a fart martyr; a man who's life is ruined by holding in an abundance of gas.

farts are funny

Fans Are Farting On Demi Lovato Now…’Rotten’ Farts


We love us some Demi Lovato (especially in that dress she wore to the MTV VMAs this year) so hearing that a fan not only farted on her.


This deer has farted harder than any of us ever have


This is a video of a deer ripping ass in the woods.

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