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5 Ways That Smelling Farts Could Save Your Life, According to Actual Science

This is not satire. This is science.

What If Arnold Schwarzenegger Farted in All His Classic Scenes?

You'd have YouTube gold.

Is This a GIF of George W Bush Farting at the NCAA Championship Game?

It certainly appears so.

Is This The Biggest Fart Ever?

Poor guy... Just got done with a colonoscopy. He has doctor's orders to let 'em rip. Except his wife holds the camera on him to capture

This Is What a Fart Looks Like Through a Thermal Imaging Camera

Suffice it to say, we on staff here can't stop watching this. 

How To Explain Your Farts

Have a burrito for lunch? Explain the lingering flatulence away with these handy excuses. 

A Product Called Liquid Ass, Along With Rabbit Repellent, Hospitalized Six Teenage Bible Campers

Fuckin' soft-ass kids can't handle some Liquid Asshole fart spray. Pussies. Real, salt of the earth pussies, I tell ya. I remember my first noxious

Can You Survive the Wrath of a Fart Attack?

Quit pretending you're so grown-up and just admit it: Farts are funny. It's tough to find a way to make farts even more hilarious than

Watch a Tremendous Fart Interrupt a Snooker Match

Fart machine or actually from someone's butt? We report, you decide.

We Have Come to Defend This First Grader Banned from Performing His Body Fart Act at the Talent Show

Today brought two inexcusable examples of ways that our country's elementary schools are censoring important information from kids. The first concerns young Erich Henze, a

An Angry Note About Farting In the Elevator, Plus Today’s Internet Fix (30 Pics)

Not sure I understand the point of leaving a note here unless this unidentified person with the flatulence problem is leaving some seriously lingering stinkers. If a

New Jersey Man Pulls Gun on Neighbor for Aggressive Farting

One New Jersey man’s farts were not silent, but almost deadly.

The Animal Fart Symphony is Exactly What it Sounds Like

Yeah, this is beyond stupid. So why am I laughing at it? Because I’m a dude and my brain hasn’t fully developed. Hopefully you’re in

This Hippo Has Gas Like You Wouldn’t Believe

We're like a month late on tihis and the farting sound is 100% fake but I've never seen anything like this. Makes me

Things Continue to Get Weird In the New Ask A Bro

I’m not a weird dude by any means, well, at least not on the surface. But I like challenging, mind-f*cking questions, even if they are