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5 Ways That Smelling Farts Could Save Your Life, According to Actual Science

This is not satire. This is science.

Jen Selter Squatting Is Made Slightly Less Hot When Farts Are Added

I'm still turned on

Farting is Good For You

Stop trying to hide them. It's just nature at work.

Is This a GIF of George W Bush Farting at the NCAA Championship Game?

It certainly appears so.

You Will Not Believe How This Grappling Match Ended

Wrestling dudes who might blow their beefy asshole gas directly into your mouth is no way to go through life.

Ohio Craigslist Missed Connections Ad: ‘You Ripped the Nastiest Fart in the Taco Bell’

Here's a fetish you don't see everyday. Hell, here's a fetish I'm kind of jealous of. If you've ever lived in a one-bedroom, one-bath apartment

How to Fart On an Airplane: A Guide

#6. “Yeah, that was me. What’s it to you?”  

How To Explain Your Farts

Have a burrito for lunch? Explain the lingering flatulence away with these handy excuses. 

Can You Survive the Wrath of a Fart Attack?

Quit pretending you're so grown-up and just admit it: Farts are funny. It's tough to find a way to make farts even more hilarious than

Watch a Tremendous Fart Interrupt a Snooker Match

Fart machine or actually from someone's butt? We report, you decide.

Someone Broke the No-Farting Rule in the San Francisco Giants Bullpen

When you’re a relief pitcher, there’s precious little to do except break violent wind and disgust your teammates. Don’t hate the player. Hate the game.

Hot Girl Goes to Spring Break, Pranks Dudes by Farting on Them

This is only a prank if you're put off by the thought of her farting. Hell, if I were in need of mouth-to-mouth, I hope

How Many Guys is Too Many Guys For My Girlfriend to Have Slept With Before Me? Plus Pube Shaving 101

Submit your Ask a Bro questions here. 

Al Roker Told ‘Dateline’ About The Time He Trusted a Fart in the White House and Crapped His Pants

To be fair, ninety-nine percent of us have learned not to trust a fart the hard way. Or at least I did. Took me four

‘A Grey Matter’ Tremendously Captures the Awkwardness of Farting in Front of Your Girlfriend

Endure the death stare, or hold it in forever? The dilemma us men face almost daily. 

Italian Guy Pranks the World with His ‘Farting on People in Public’ Prank

Must've been quite the lasagna. 

An Angry Note About Farting In the Elevator, Plus Today’s Internet Fix (30 Pics)

Not sure I understand the point of leaving a note here unless this unidentified person with the flatulence problem is leaving some seriously lingering stinkers. If a

Well Of Course You Want to Watch This ‘Farting in the Hood’ Prank

 "You ain't be breakin no wind up in here dawg."

New Jersey Man Pulls Gun on Neighbor for Aggressive Farting

One New Jersey man’s farts were not silent, but almost deadly.

There is Actually a Fart Killing Flatulence Blanket

Are you kidding me right now? This isn't Vietnam, ladies. There are rules. And those rules include you putting up with the hot

Opening the Mailbag to Deal with Cheaters, Farters, and Why People Think Bros Are Douchebags

If you've got a question you'd like to see answered, no matter how ridiculous it may be, submit it here. And please, stop with all

Marines Have Banned Audible Farting Downrange in Afghanistan Because It Offends Afghans

Peace time is here!! We did it, America!! Lighting up the face of some Afghan -- with a mid-morning trumpet fart -- has become our