There Is An Answer To Why We Always Have To Fart On Airplanes


Have you ever had the unstoppable urge to shred some serious ass at 30,000 feet.


Have You Ever Farted A Fart So Rank That An Entire Classroom Of People Had To Evacuate? Because This Kid Has


This might sound like a plot point to an Adam Sandler movie but I swear it’s not…you could totally picture it though.

star wars

This Guy Farting The ‘Imperial March’ From ‘Star Wars’ Has A More Talented Sphincter Than You


There's no obvious value in life to being able to far the tune to Star Wars' 'Imperial March,' but that didn't stop this guy from teaching himself to do that.


Men Finally Have A ‘Holding In My Farts’ Horror Story That Could Give Us Carte Blanche To Go WILD


I've been saying it for a while now that men need a fart martyr; a man who's life is ruined by holding in an abundance of gas.


Farting is Good For You


Stop trying to hide them.

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