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Here’s Farrah Abraham Licking Her Own Vagina

Without even bending over. Amazing!

Farrah Abraham Is Now Writing a Christian Parenting Book

Oh, Farrah. Farrah, Farrah, Farrah. After a 12-month period that saw you film a porno cleverly disguised as a sex tape, sell your own line of

Farrah Abraham Says That Her Sex Tape Ruined Her Life

Fresh off the heels of Tila Tequila's sex tape, Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham—a pioneer in the field of "calling your porno a 'sex tape'"—says

Guess How Much Money Farrah Abraham Has Made Off Her Sex Tape?

Backdoor Teen Mom Farrah Abraham may have seen her tape be "leaked," but she's still making bank. The figure? It'll make you light your college