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Fantasy Football on DraftKings is Legendary: $5 Million in Prizes NFL Opening Week


Winning on DraftKings is Too Much Noise for Rickie Fowler

$ $ $ $

5 Reasons You Should be Playing Fantasy Baseball

Cash, fame, sports.

Draft an Opening Day Lineup, Win $500

Baseball fever.

You Can Win a VIP Spring Break Trip to Panama City Beach

Spring Break is the end-all-be-all of party weeks for the College Bro. Our partners at DraftKings know that, and they’ve got the offer of a

You Get Just One More Chance at Fantasy Football This Year

It is with a heavy heart that we inform you that this your last chance to play fantasy football this season. All good things must

A Bunch of Lawyer Bros Have a Fantasy Football League Where the Loser Is Forced to Re-take the SATs

HA! The Wall Street Journal has an awesome story about a fantasy football league with a brutal last-place prize: The league loser has to re-take

Your Road to Winning $1,000,000 Playing Fantasy Football Begins With a Single Quarter

The above lineup literally won a player $1,000,000 on Christmas Eve.  Frank Gore’s late touchdown in the Monday Night Football game sealed it by 0.8 points. By now

Who to Start and Sit in Week 16 of Fantasy Football

The time is now. Most fantasy football leagues end in Week 16, so congratulations are in order if you have made it this far and

Here’s Your Holiday Miracle: Win Some Cash By Beating Adam Schefter in Fantasy Football

Last week, DraftKings gave a free $5 entry to every person who beat Adam Schefter in a fantasy football contest, figuring he’d be able to

This Sunday: Win Money for Beating Adam Schefter in Fantasy Football

Robert Griffin III may be shut down for the rest of the year, but you still have the green light to win money playing fantasy

5 Ways Playing Fantasy Football Makes You Appealing to Chicks

Our partners at 1-week fantasy football leader DraftKings give BroBible readers a special contest every week that gives you a deal hidden from their other customers.

Who to Start and Sit in Week 12 of Fantasy Football

Chances are you only have two or three weeks until the fantasy playoffs. Now is the time to build your team for the playoffs if

5 Reasons You Should Be Winning Money Playing Fantasy Sports

Money won is better than money earned. NO ONE DENIES THIS. Hundreds of our smarter readers have already seized the moment and won money playing

Here’s What Happens When You Draft a Money Fantasy Football Team

You don’t have to be an expert to win money playing one-week fantasy football on DraftKings.com. Check out what this user did last week. He

A Fantasy Football Lineup Like This Can Win You $200,000

What if I told you there was another way to pad your wallet without slogging through yet another never-ending workday? What if I told you

This Idiot Drafted Aaron Hernandez and STILL Won a $1,500 Ticket With DraftKings

This guy right here won a $1,500 ticket into DraftKings' Fantasy Millionaire Contest despite drafting Aaron Hernandez. Just imagine how well you could do. 

Here’s How a Fantasy Football Lineup Can Win You $100,000

“This is the lineup employed by the September 15th $100,000 winner on DraftKings.com. If it doesn’t look like it took that long to create, that’s because it

Want to see a $100,000 Fantasy Football Lineup?

This is what the $100,000 Fantasy Football lineup looked like last week on DraftKings.com.  Do you think you have what it takes?

DraftKings Offering BroBible Readers Chance to Win a Cool $100,000

It’s fantasy football season, so that means you have permission to neglect everything else in your life. Now’s the time to handcuff running backs and

Take Advantage of Your Last Chance to Win in DraftKings’ $1,000,000 Kickoff Bash

Do you feel that energy pulsating through your veins? That’s the excitement of pro football’s return so close you can practically taste it. That means

DraftKings Has Two Ways to get Free Entry into Their $1,000,000 Week 1 Blowout

The return of football is dangerously close. You’ve done all the required research and you’re ready for a fantasy challenge. 1-Day Fantasy sports site DraftKings

Bro Hero Brings His Laptop to a Movie Theater For His Fantasy Football Draft

Bro hero of the week right here. Twitter-er @steakNstiffarms was in a movie theater with a Bro so dedicated to his fantasy draft that he

DraftKings Welcomes Football Season with a $1,000,000 Blowout

If you could win a piece of $1 million in cash prizes in a one-week fantasy football contest, wouldn’t you want to take advantage of

The 10 Worst Punishments For Losing in a Fantasy League

Friendship is great. So is competition. Camaraderie, smack talk, league traditions -- all fun and wonderful. But at the end of it, you play. To

Earn Cash for Every Friend You Refer to DraftKings

Friends are good for many things. They’re good for helping you move. They’re good for bailing you out when you find

DraftKings and BroBible Offering One Last Chance at $500,000

Baseball’s best players will gather in Queens next week for the All-Star Game. DraftKings provides you the opportunity to field your

Celebrate America With DraftKings’ $500,000 1-Day Contest

This is the week we celebrate America: land of the free, home of the brave – a place where winning money

DraftKings is Giving Away Free Entry to All New Users. You Should Take Them Up on the Offer

Tis the season for barbecues, the beach, and winning money playing fantasy sports simply with a few clicks of the mouse.

DraftKings is Offering One Last Chance at $100K

Do you like baseball? Would winning $100,000 help you out of a jam? Well, then DraftKings has just the thing for

Kick Off Summer With $100,000 Thanks to DraftKings

The weather is getting warmer, the outfits are getting more revealing and the prizes with DraftKings are getting bigger.

$100K is Up for Grabs in DraftKings’ Latest Free-for-All

One of the problems with fantasy sports is that you often have to compete against the guy who literally does nothing but monitor the waiver

DraftKings Wants to Give You $20K for Watching Baseball

As the school year winds down, everyone is in a rush to secure a summer job. After all, money’s pretty important to a young Bro.

Win an iPad Mini With DraftKings’ Latest Baseball Contest

The digital revolution has also allowed fans to follow their favorite players and teams in a wide variety of ways.

Double Your Pleasure as DraftKings Gives You a Shot to Win $50K

Two is always better than one. These girls agree.

Ring in Baseball Season With DraftKings’ Best Contest Yet

Baseball season is officially here and it brings crisply turned double plays, triples in the gaps and, most importantly, a brand new opportunity to turn

Here’s Your Last Chance to Win $50K With DraftKings - Just $2 to Enter

There’s plenty of madness in March. And not all of it takes place within the confines of a bracket.

DraftKings Really, Really Wants to Help a BroBible Reader Win $50K

The NBA is extremely predictable.

At Least 40 Percent of Entrants Guaranteed Cash in Latest DraftKings Contest

Some of you have been playing DraftKings and making bank. You’re living the life. The rest of you – well, I don’t know what you’re

A Guide for Bros to Make Money Watching Sports

How do guys routinely “punch above their weight class” and get a girl like this?  There are a few different ways, but mostly they make