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This Fantasy Football League Punishes Last Place Finisher in the Best Way Possible…with a Humiliating Calendar

This man is better at taking funny photos than he is fantasy football.

Fantasy Football Commissioner Sends Us His First League Email of the Season, Reminds Us FOOTBALL IS BACK!

The season is finally here! Almost.

Winner of a Fantasy Football League Sends Two Hilarious Emails to Entire League About Not Getting Paid

Don't be that guy who waits the entire season to pay his dues.

A Bunch of Lawyer Bros Have a Fantasy Football League Where the Loser Is Forced to Re-take the SATs

HA! The Wall Street Journal has an awesome story about a fantasy football league with a brutal last-place prize: The league loser has to re-take

This Sunday: Win Money for Beating Adam Schefter in Fantasy Football

Robert Griffin III may be shut down for the rest of the year, but you still have the green light to win money playing fantasy

Who to Start and Sit in Week 15 of Fantasy Football

I came into last week tired of Jordan Cameron. He had served me well earlier in the season, but he had completed four straight stinkers

Who to Start and Sit in Week 14 of Fantasy Football

Congratulations are in order if you’re in the playoffs or fighting for a playoff spot in the last week of the regular season. If you’re

Who to Start and Sit in Week 13 of Fantasy Football

Last week was an annoying one for a lot of fantasy owners when it came to their running backs. Injuries to Knowshon Moreno, Zac Stacy,

Who to Start and Sit in Week 12 of Fantasy Football

Chances are you only have two or three weeks until the fantasy playoffs. Now is the time to build your team for the playoffs if

5 Reasons You Should Be Winning Money Playing Fantasy Sports

Money won is better than money earned. NO ONE DENIES THIS. Hundreds of our smarter readers have already seized the moment and won money playing

Who to Start and Sit in Week 11 of Fantasy Football

Many leagues are coming up against their trade deadline, so hopefully you made moves that bolstered your squad. Injuries happen, but benches are generally meaningless

This Bears Fan Is Pumped Calvin Johnson Just Scored

I'm guessing he's got Calvin Johnson in fantasy. 

Who to Start and Sit in Week 10 of Fantasy Football

We’re nine weeks in and you’re still starting guys based on name value. It’s time to change. We have enough data at this point to

Here’s What Happens When You Draft a Money Fantasy Football Team

You don’t have to be an expert to win money playing one-week fantasy football on DraftKings.com. Check out what this user did last week. He

Who to Start and Sit in Week 9 of Fantasy Football

Who cares about bye weeks and injuries? You need to keep winning, right? Assets are limited in these middle weeks of a fantasy season, so

Who to Start and Sit in Week 8 of Fantasy Football

Things are pretty bleak for a lot of fantasy owners right now. Elite players like C.J. Spiller, Jimmy Graham, and Roddy White may not play

Who to Start and Sit in Week 7 of Fantasy Football

There seems to be new faces that jump into the fantasy football horizon every week, but this week seems to have plenty of new figures.

Who to Start and Sit in Week 6 of Fantasy Football

We’re basically one-third of the way through the fantasy season. I feel sorry for you if you’re not feeling too good about your team right

9 Season-Saving Trade Targets in Fantasy Football

With three weeks in the books, it's probably time to start looking into the trade market. It's rare that a team is in such good

Who to Start and Sit in Week 3 of Fantasy Football

All everyone wants to talk about in the last 24 hours is Trent Richardson. There’s a 91 percent chance you don’t care too much about

Who to Start and Sit in Week 2 of Fantasy Football

As has been the theme all week long, Week 1 was great, but there’s no need to overreact on what you saw. You shouldn’t be

The Real and Fake of Fantasy Football’s Week 1

Now that it’s Tuesday, you finally have a chance to breathe. It was an exciting Week 1 of fantasy football, but that’s because we all

Who to Start and Sit in Week 1 of Fantasy Football

Your drafts are over so now it’s time to get down to business and start playing games.  As I’ve done for the past two years,

The Worst People In Your Fantasy Football League

Every fantasy football league has a Raffi. 

31 Things Only People Who Play Fantasy Football Can Understand

It's that time of year again. 

DraftKings Has Two Ways to get Free Entry into Their $1,000,000 Week 1 Blowout

The return of football is dangerously close. You’ve done all the required research and you’re ready for a fantasy challenge. 1-Day Fantasy sports site DraftKings

The 15 Kinds of Fantasy Football Owners

Fantasy owners are a weird—and large—subgroup of sports fan. And while the non-fantasy inclined might paint us all as the same overly competitive, know-it-all bro,

Bro Hero Brings His Laptop to a Movie Theater For His Fantasy Football Draft

Bro hero of the week right here. Twitter-er @steakNstiffarms was in a movie theater with a Bro so dedicated to his fantasy draft that he

Here’s Maurice Jones-Drew and Roddy White Delivering Fantasy Advice for Your Team

I had a chance to quiz avid fantasy players, and part-time real football players, Maurice Jones-Drew and Roddy White for #hotfootballtakes before my draft over

8 Ways to Make Your Fantasy Football Draft More Fun

For many of you bros and cool chicks out there, this coming week is draft week. Fantasy football drafts are arguably more fun than the

The Fantasy Football Do Not Draft List: NFC Edition

In the coming weeks, you’ll be inundated with fantasy football advice. Good and decent people have crunched the numbers every conceivable way and truly believe

NFL QB’s Talking Trash on Facebook Returns! The Fantasy Draft Edition

ProFootballMock is doing God's work once again because everyone's favorite thing from the 2012 NFL season is back again for 2013: NFL Quarterbacks Talking Gratuitous

The Fantasy Football Do Not Draft List: AFC Edition

In the coming weeks, you’ll be inundated with fantasy football advice. Good and decent people have crunched the numbers every conceivable

How To Avoid Giving Your Fantasy Football Team a Terrible Name

Last Tuesday, BroBible ran an article on how “Carlos Danger” is currently CBS Sports' most popular fantasy football team name. I have

You’ll NEVER Guess the No. 1 Fantasy Football Team Name

Everyone is so clever. So very clever. 

The 10 Worst Punishments For Losing in a Fantasy League

Friendship is great. So is competition. Camaraderie, smack talk, league traditions -- all fun and wonderful. But at the end of it, you play. To

Who to Sit and Start in Your Fantasy Football Championship

Most fantasy football leagues end this week and I wish you the best of luck if you happen to be in your championship game. It’s

Who to Start and Sit in Week 15 of Fantasy Football

It’s not worth a big lead-in to this week’s fantasy football start and sit column. It’s the playoffs. These games matter. Need I say more?

The Top 8 Fantasy Football Waiver Pickups of the Week

Welcome to the fantasy playoffs. (Or if you're in a league with a six-team playoff, hopefully you've made it to the semifinals.) There's a chance

Who to Sit and Start in Week 14 of Fantasy Football

The fantasy football playoffs begin for a lot of people this week who were lucky enough to make it. As I found out this year,