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Perfectly Reasonable Man Has a Seattle Seahawks Logo on His Prosthetic Eye

Nice to meet ya.

Woman Has Colorado Rockies Game Ruined By Large Man Seated in Front of Her

Ballpark problems.

Milwaukee Brewers Announcers Buy a Beer for Fan Who Lost One During Wild Scramble for Foul Ball

People helping people.

Joe Nathan Wasn’t Too Happy About Being Booed, Let Tigers Fans Know

Veteran move.

Older Bro Makes Fantastic, Death-Defying Catch at Wrigley Field

Worth it.

Minnesotans Are Too Nice to Burn Kevin Love’s Jersey

Salt of the earth people.

Drunk Guy Tries to Lecture Cops on Civil Rights at a Baseball Game, Isn’t Entirely Convincing

Chill, Bro.

Looking to Join a Premier League Team’s Bandwagon? Here’s a Handy Guide

Hop aboard.

Minor League Baseball Fans Were Pranked With a Terrible Giveaway

Go crazy for free crap time.

Fan Charges Mound at Minor League Baseball Game, Alcohol May Have Been a Factor

That's against the unwritten rules. And the written rules.

Average Joe Wins World Cup of Sitting Next to Disrobing German Babes


Oakland A’s Fans Have No Idea How to Spell Jeff Samardzija, Love Him Anyway

Nice effort.

Boston Red Sox Fan Catches Foul Ball, Puts it in Her Bra for Safekeeping

Those seams feel good against the skin.

Detroit Tigers Vendor Catches Foul Ball in Tub of Ice, Is a Hero

Cool customer.

232 American Kids With Cancer Chant ‘I Believe That We Will Win’

Our X-factor.

Insane Germany Kid at World Cup Has Had WAY Too Much Sugar

Easy, Bro.

Captain America Is At the USA-Germany Match

A true fan.

I Can’t Stop Laughing at This Virginia Fan Losing Her Mind at the College World Series

She's very, very excited.

Croatia Just Won the World Cup of Having the Hottest Fan

Hey girl.

Bizarre Dutch Couple at World Cup Will Have You Scratching Your Head


Watch a Hattiesburg Soccer Watch Party Die as Portugal Scored a Miracle Goal

The agony of de--... the agony of tying.

Chilean Fans Stormed the Media Center, Created All Kinds of Chaos in a Rush to Get Into Match Against Spain

In a big rush.

Algerian Fan Wearing Fez Goes Absolutely Bananas

Wild man.

Hero Dad Catches Home Run While Holding Child on Father’s Day


Ecstatic French Rugby Fan Celebrates Try By Flashing the Camera


The Jacksonville Jaguars’ Poolside Cabanas Look Pretty Tight

Get wet.

Cubs Fan, Marlins Fan Team Up to Create Delightful Moment of Human Kindness

People helping people.

Here’s a Couple Just Sawing Logs at the New York Yankees Game


Woman at White Sox Game Catches Thrown Bat With One Hand While Men Cower in Fear


Brett Favre Has Trimmed His Beard, Rejoined the Human Race

Just having fuzz up there.

Overzealous Angels Bro Destroys Old Woman’s Shoulder While Diving for a Foul Ball

Foul balls are life.

Cleveland Indians Fan Tries to Catch Baseball, Almost Eats it Instead

Eat it.

Map Shows Detailed Breakdown of NBA Fanbases by Location


30 Worst Drake Sports Fanboy Moments

He's the worst front-runner ever.

Man Catches Foul Ball While Holding a Baby

Good grab.

Philadelphia Eagles Fan Passed Out in Bathroom at Radio City Music Hall

Sleep well, sweet prince.

Dutch Soccer Fan Almost Dies of Happiness on Camera

Pure bliss.

WHOA! Soccer Fan Set on Fire by Stadium Security

Light 'em up.

Arkansas Razorbacks Superfan Scores Touchdown During Spring Game

Scorched 'em.

Little Kid Loves Souvenir Baseball More Than You’ve Ever Loved Anything