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Always Classy Philadelphia Flyers Fans Gang up on Rangers Fans in the Stands

Oh Philadelphia sports fans. Why must your behavior bring so much shame to the rest of us who would never throw a punch in a

Chargers Fans Beat the Shit Out of Broncos Fan Wearing Peyton Manning Jersey

This is how you dull the pain of a season-ending loss. Yet again, violence is the best -- and only! -- answer.

Jets Fan Who Punched Woman Once Killed a Man

Remember that New York Jets fan who was caught punching a woman on Sunday? It may surprise you to find out that he’s not a

Oakland A’s Fan Gets Tasered After Pretty Impressive Fight With Cops

Oakland A’s fans are a unique lot. They tend to enjoy baseball games differently than, say, deep-pocketed Yankees fans. But even this is a little

Fans Fight at 49ers-Colts Game, Helpful Person Films It

It would not surprise me in the least if more than one of the combatants involved in this melee wound up looking like Colin Kaepernick.

New York Giants and New York Jets Fans Engage in Big-Time Brawl

The New York Jets and New York Giants fought it out on the field Saturday night for city bragging rights in a meaningless football game.

20 Reasons Why Baseball Is the Worst, Fan Fights Galore, and More Weekend Sports Links

College ball getting ready for the Final Four, NBA and NHL playoff races heating up, and baseball's finally getting underway. Catch up on it all,

Just a Bunch of Super-Awesome Hockey Parents Fighting in the Stands

Likely an elaborate means of trying to toughen up their kids, and getting them to show more aggression and drive while out there on the

Shockingly Enough, The Raiders-Chiefs Game Featured a Savage Fan Fight

Yesterday’s Oakland Raiders-Kansas City Chiefs game featured a grand total of zero touchdowns and five field goals. Neither team is any good and everyone knows

New York Giants Fans, Washington Redskins Fans Beat the Hell Out of Each Other

Whenever I see idiots fighting in the stands, I wonder how they were able to get the money necessary to buy their seats.

Here Are the 9 Best Fan Fights of the Year

Historians will agree that 2012 was NOT the year sports fans stopped acting like idiots and fighting each other. In fact, throwing a few haymakers

Some Bears and 49ers Fans Predictably Brawled Last Night

This will shock you. There was a dustup between fans at last night’s Chicago Bears-San Francisco 49ers game. Yup, drunk people shockingly acted like idiots

Buffalo Bills Fans Keep Warm By Beating Sh*t Out of Each Other

It’s always inspiring to see fans overcome the quick turnaround of a Thursday night game and brawl like it’s any given Sunday.

Watch a Tampa Bay Bucs Fan Get Owned by Police at Minnesota Vikings Game

Minnesota Vikings fans had a rough go of it last Thursday. Their beloved purple-and-yellow guys got trounced by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on national television.

49ers Fans and Giants Fans Fight in Candlestick Park Parking Lot

Oh but don't worry you guys! Philly fans are still "the worst." You stay classy, New York (cough, cough) and California sports fans. Sidenote: TURN.

Rate This Mixed-Sex New York Jets Fan Fight

The New York Jets just destroyed the Indianapolis Colts yesterday, 35-9. A couple patrons didn’t let the good vibes put a damper on their quest

Yesterday’s Bills-Browns Game Featured an Intense Fan Fight

We're not going to give it away, but this is the rare fan fight video that has a very clear winner.

The Jets Kicked Off Their Season with a 20-Point Win, Massive Brawl in MetLife Stadium

Damn it, Jets fans. You couldn't just be happy with a beautiful New York afternoon, the NFL's Opening Day, and a 20-point win over the

Battle by the Bay: San Francisco Giants-Oakland A’s Fan Fight

When crosstown rivals square off in interleague play, you can bet your sweet ass there will be some donnybrooks in the stands.

Fat Chicks and Dudes Brawled at Last Night’s Spurs/Thunder Game

This is why I don't advise keeping fat chicks as pets. They tend to get irritable when you don't feed them. 

Padres Fan Gets His Head Stomped by Other Padres Fans After Dodgers/Padres Game

I'm not trying to take sides on this Padre-on-Padre hate crime -- because the guy laid out in the street might be in horrific condition

Red Sox Girl Tries to Fight Entire Section at Yankee Stadium, Fails Miserably

I ventured out from my parents’ basement to take in the New York Yankees-Detroit Tigers game on Friday night. I sat in Section

Canadian-American Tensions Boil Over Into Brawl at Blue Jays Game

Holy hell, the Toronto Blue Jays-Boston Red Sox game was eventful last night – and not just because career reliever Daniel Bard was

Let’s Watch a Fan Fight In the Stands at the Canadiens/Bruins In Montreal on Monday Night

It's just assumed things are going to get violent in the stands when the Habs play the Bruins. So, naturally, a few fans

Let’s Watch a Giants Fan and a Patriots Fan Slug It Out In Gillette Stadium

Here's things getting heated in the stands of Sunday's Pats-Giants game. Dude in the black shirt gives the business.

Check Out This Alabama-LSU Tailgate Brawl

Here's a SEC fan brawl from this past Saturday's action down in T-Town. Pay extra special attention to the guy in the grey

This Raiders-Jets Fan Fight Is All Class

No way can we let a Monday slip by without posting some bleacher-creature brawls from this past weekend's action. Here's a dandy at

The Requisite Jets-Cowboys Stun-Gun Brawl In the Nosebleeds at MetLife Stadium

That Jets-Cowboys game sure was great, right? Maybe not so much if you were in Section 324 of MetLife Stadium, where an irate

Footbrawl Season Has Arrived! Watch Maryland and Miami Fans Fight In the Bleachers

I've been itching to get a post up about a student-section college football fight. And here's the first one of the 2011-2012 football

Ravens Fan Gets Knocked Out at a Pre-Season Game

New football seasons bring us many things, but the biggest treasure, perhaps, is a fresh batch of fight videos. Bros just getting fueled-up

How Can We Resist a Melee In the Stands at the Mets - Nationals Game?

Here's a little five-on-five bleacher brawl at Nationals Park during Friday night's game against the Mets. How can we resist it? The elbow

Don’t Get Too Excited About This Video of a Man Punching Another Man in the Face at a Pirates Game

Is this the best bleacher fight of the week? Not at all. But hey, how about them Pittsburgh Pirates at the tippy-top of

Foo Fighters’ Frontman Dave Grohl Stops Show and Kicks Fan Out For Fighting

Dave Grolh has been in two of the most successful bands in the last 30 years, he can play just about every major

Stadium Security Tackles Fan, Then Fans Tackle Stadium Security

It's not a good sign of where the world is headed when an entire stadium charges the field looking to kick the security's ass because

Brutal Street Fight Outside Fenway Park on Patriots’ Day

According to the dude who posted this video, this fight outside Fenway Park dates back April 18. Just an entertaining bunch of Red

VIDEO: Violent Fight Breaks Out in the Crowd at UFC 129

In news that's unrelated to OBL, people are still fighting at sporting events. For example, at this past weekend's UFC 129, this roided-out brawl broke

VIDEO: Obese, Shirtless Cubs Fan Screams at Dodgers Fan

Maybe you've heard: Ballpark attendence at baseball games isn't exactly off to a banner start. And Wrigley Field is one of the ballparks where things

Dude Takes Bad Spill Down Stadium Stairs During Mexico-Venezuela Soccer Fan Fight

Last week Mexico and Venezuela played a friendly game at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego. Although the match ended in a 1 - 1 draw,

This Dodgers Fan Fight is the First Basebrawl of the Year

Opening weekend for baseball season means it's the opening weekend for basebrawl season. Here we have a Dodgers fan in fistcuffs with another Dodgers fan

Is This Fight Between the Utah Jazz Bear Mascot and a Cleveland Cavs Fan Real or Fake?

On first viewing, this scuffle between the Utah Jazz Bear and a Cavs fan definitely appears fake. There's a camera right there the whole time