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Yesterday’s Bills-Browns Game Featured an Intense Fan Fight

We're not going to give it away, but this is the rare fan fight video that has a very clear winner.

The Jets Kicked Off Their Season with a 20-Point Win, Massive Brawl in MetLife Stadium

Damn it, Jets fans. You couldn't just be happy with a beautiful New York afternoon, the NFL's Opening Day, and a 20-point win over the

Let’s Watch Flyers and Rangers Fans Fight Outside Philly’s Geno’s Steaks After The Winter Classic

The Winter Classic was a great day for sports on South Broad street, but then its a**holes like this who go and f*ck it up

VIDEO: Stadium Security Tackles Fan, Then Fans Tackle Stadium Security

It's not a good sign of where the world is headed when an entire stadium charges the field looking to kick the security's ass because