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10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About ‘Family Guy’ But Should, Dammit


Family Guy is now into its 13th season and many of us out there have seen pretty much every single episode, but even so there are things that even the greatest Family Guy aficionados aren't aware of.

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‘The Simpson’s’ – ‘Family Guy’ Crossover Will Air This Rape Joke Sunday, People Are Not Happy About It


FOX In this day and age there is a heightened sensitivity to offensive comedy, especially those jokes that revolve around sexual assault.

Peter Griffin

This Guy Does the Best Peter Griffin Impersonation You’ll Ever See


If there is such thing as a real-life Peter Griffin, this man is it.

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Watch the ‘Family Guy’ Joke About Pat Tillman’s Death That Never Aired


Seth MacFarlane and his fellow writers recently named their 5 most offensive jokes for the NY Post.

Unhappily Ever After

8 of the raunchiest TV shows in network TV history


Raunchy TV shows have long been a hallmark of cable TV, which has always sort of been the Wild West of entertainment given that the law – AKA the FCC – is not allowed to interfere.


Brian the dog made his return to ‘Family Guy’ last night


And people who start petitions about the creative decisions of animated television shows rejoiced: Brian Griffin was brought back to life on last night's episode of Family Guy.

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‘Family Guy’s’ Brian Is Coming Back to Life


Fun and slightly depressing fact about the world: There were people who, upon hearing the news of Nelson Mandela's passing, immediately sought to place it within the "Celebrity Death Rule of Three.


Brian the dog is coming back to Family Guy. Rejoice, angry Internet people


While the Internet started petitions and hashtag movements to try to get Brian the dog back on Family Guy after he was killed off a couple weeks ago.

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