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Wasted Shirtless Dude Loses Hard-Fought Battle Against Gravity

Gravity - 1. Drunks - 0.

Kickboxing Fight Is Over as Soon as It Starts

It's going down.

Dayton Would Like to Take a Mulligan on Their Postgame Mosh Pit

Interesting turn of events.

Reporter Decides to Sprint on Live Television, Eats Pavement

Very predictable.

Michelle Jenneke Wore a Bikini, Fell Off a Rope Swing

Australian track & field star Michelle Jenneke has lots going for her. She's a skilled athlete and is exceedingly pleasant to look at.

New York Mets Fan Falls, is Perfect Allegory for Team’s Season

This poor New York Mets fan made the fatal error of trying to reach in his pocket while drinking a beer and now must live

Cyclist Hits Street Sign, Will Likely Have Quite a Raspberry

For the select few of you who weren’t watching yesterday’s Paris-Roubaix, here’s a terrific spill suffered by Yohann Offredo.

Drunk Dude in Boat Gets Clocked in Face by Beer, Goes Overboard

There is nothing like being out in the open water, enjoying the grandeur of nature while pounding an obscene amount of beers. As long as

Jennifer Lawrence Takes Mighty Fall While Accepting Her Best Actress Oscar

Jennifer Lawrence captured the Academy Award for best actress last night, a defining moment in what appears to be a limitless career. The best minute

Here’s Toronto Mayor Rob Ford With an Epic Football Fail

This is Toronto mayor Rob Ford falling on his ass while attempting to throw a pass yesterday. He was out doing some public relations for

Chinese Acrobat Plunges Hundreds of Feet, Is Somehow Uninjured

A Chinese tight-rope walker performing a stunt hundreds of feet over a ravine with no harness fell on Sunday. Somehow, he didn’t die.

This BYU Track Girl Wants You to Watch Her Bite It

The greatest part about this brutal steeplechase fall is that the girl seen taking it uploaded it to YouTube. It’s better to have

Kanye West Falls on Stage in Norway, Mid-‘All of the Lights’

Alternative headline: Two years later, Taylor Swift has a moment of justice. Click to watch.