best fake commercials

Supercut Of The Best Fake Ads In Movies Will Make You Wish These Products Really Existed


Suddenly I have a hankerin' to go out and buy me some Alpha Chino's Booty Sweat Energy Drink and other great fake movie products that never actually existed.


This Fake Grey Poupon Ad Is So Stupid Yet So Funny


You think you know where it's going, and you're right.

mock ad

Big Red soda and BBQ in one bottle; you’re welcome


The Big Red BBQ Bottle is either the most disgusting or brilliant concept ever.

Stupid Products

Birth control for men: An innovative new approach


Scientists have finally perfected birth control for men: C-BLOCK.


The Libyan Revolution Will Be Photoshopped


As you know by now, UN airstrikes from Operation Odyssey Dawn are currently in full swing to undermine Col.

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