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Incredibly Bad 30-Second Commercial Appears to Have Been Created in Less Than 30 Seconds

Poor work.

Count All The Things Wrong With This Moment on CNN

Not even close.

This Guy Thinks He’s a Nunchuck Master

He will never have Michelangelo's skills, much less Napoleon Dynamite's.

VIDEO: Girl Falls Out of the High Dive Tree, Hits Every Branch on the Way Down

It's an ouch.

Dead Body Falls Out Of Coroner Van, Lands On Road

The incident occurred in Pennsylvania.

10 Best Track and Field Fails of All Time

More like... wait for it... Track and Fail

NYC Bro Bags Two Smoking Hot Chicks He Met At A Club And Has Life-Changing Threesome… JK They Drugged and Robbed Him

Is truly nothing sacred anymore?

Wedding Party Poses for Picture on Dock, Everyone Gets Wet

To have and to dry off.

This Is What Happens When You Give a Drunk Guy a Live Chicken and Ask Him to Jump Over a Fire

Standard behavior, really.

Cocky Kid Has the Most Brutal Spelling Bee Fail You’ll Ever Watch

Does this kid have swagger or what?

Cyclist Wins Race, Eats Pavement During Celebration


Guy Tries to Drive a Golf Ball Off a Beer Bottle, Predictably Fails


Finnish Hockey Team Attempts Line Change, It Doesn’t Go So Well


I Can’t Stop Watching This High School Softball Team Fail to Run Through a Banner

Not even close.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Found a New Candidate for Stupidest Contestant Ever

The stupidity is strong with this one.

College Graduate Attempts Backflip After Receiving Diploma, Eats Shit

And he's NEVER getting a job now.

Rate This Bro’s Beer Pong Dunk Fail

A long-time BroBible reader sent us this beer pong fail this evening.

Reporter Decides to Sprint on Live Television, Eats Pavement

Very predictable.

Target Needs a Better Photoshop Artist, As Evidenced By These Women’s Private Areas

That looks painful.

‘The Ice Cream Van’ Is the Perfect Internet Video

This is it. This is the finest we will ever see.

Here’s a Super, Super Painful Collection of Parkour Fails

Is there any "sport" with a steeper learning curve than parkour?

Bro Pretending to Skateboard Still Manages to Eat It So Freakin’ Hard

Personally, I can't stop watching this.

Philadelphia News Reporter Gets Plowed On Live TV

My apologies if you came into this post thinking you were going to see something else.

That Awkward Time Sydney Leroux Tried a ‘Happy Gilmore’ Golf Shot

Totes awks, but good try, good effort.

Father Sits In Car Laughing His Ass Off Watching Kid After Kid Wipe Out on a Patch of Ice

They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. What about […]

Bored? Watch the Best FAILS of the Week

Hey, we haven’t done this in a while. Clickety-click-click. [H/T: ClipNation]

This Wedding Ceremony Is Just… So… Fail (VIDEO)

This is so good it has to be fake (although I don't think it is). 

Andrea Bargnani Went Up For a Dunk, Did Not Come Down With a Dunk

The New York Knicks have been pretty, pretty bad this year but they are still trying. Watch big man Andrea Bargnani drive the lane seeking

Newscaster Warns Viewers of Icy Sidewalk But Screw The Dude Walking By, He’ll Figure It Out


Hockey Player Attempts Brutal Cheapshot, Only Hurts Himself

A young hockey player who must believe in playing to -- and through the whistle -- suffered a fairly embarrassing injury when his cheap shot

Cody Zeller’s Vertical Let Him Down

Cody Zeller went up for a dunk and came down with shame. We shouldn't be surprised, though, considering the lesson we learned from the famous

Let’s All Point and Laugh At This Blonde Girl Doing a Blonde Girl Thing

Physical humor! Sometimes you eat the bar, sometimes the bar eats you. 

What? More News Bloopers From 2013? Yes!

You're probably sitting there thinking you've seen all of the news bloopers of 2013. Hell, we feel partially responsible for giving you that inaccurate perception.  

Stripper Gets Trapped Behind Lockers After Twerking Fail

If you needed yet another reminder that the human race's time on earth will surely be finite, here's a motherfucking stripper getting trapped behind a

Bored? Watch the Ultimate Collection of 2013 Fails

Wow. Such fails. Much pain. So 2013.

20 Court-Storming Fails

So college. Such fail. Many bads. Wow. 

Punter Gets Boned by Stiff Wind, Costs Team 2 Points

Junior college football. Catch the fever. Arizona Western’s punter fell victim to a strong wind in the El Toro Bowl against New Mexico Military Academy.

A Group Of Dudes Tried to Run Over Turkeys With a Golf Cart on Thanksgiving, Then Karma Kicked In

To clarify, karma didn't kick in because these dudes wanted to kill a turkey with a golf cart. Oh no, that shit came hard and fast at

Large Woman Dances on Table, Breaks Table

Well, you know what’s going to happen here but that doesn’t make the payoff any less enjoyable. There are a million reasons for this large

Cleveland Browns Fans Execute Pregame Sign Fail

On last week’s episode of Parks and Recreation, Bro hero Ron Swanson said his favorite book is Moby Dick because it’s completely devoid of fancy