Congresswoman Hits Car, Forgets How To Park, Walks Away Like Nothing Happened

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This video purports to show District of Columbia Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton attempting to park her car, and failing to do so in spectacular fashion.


Good News: Georgia State Is Going Dancing. Bad News: Their Coach Snapped His Achilles Celebrating


Georgia State beat Georgia Southern 38-36 in the Sun Belt Conference championship today, punching their ticket to the Big Dance in the process.


This Is The Most Inexplicable Snowmobile Accident You’ll Ever See


The title of this YouTube video is 'Russian candidate for the Darwin Award' and it has me thinking that a) Russians are insane, and b) Russians don't understand what the Darwin Awards are.

bad words

BBC Presenter Has An X-Rated Tongue Slip In An Interview And It Had To Be Intentional


Before you guys check out the video you clicked on this article to watch, I think it's important to clear the air on what a "tongue slip" is.

kanye west

Kanye West Dancing To The ‘Rugrats’ Theme Song Is Causing Millennial Nerdgasms Worldwide


It's not every day that you get to see a man who takes himself more seriously than the pope get remixed with the 'Rugrats' theme song, but here we are.

blondes and fireworks

‘Blondes And Fireworks Do Not Mix’ Is The Name Of This Video, And It’s Pretty Obvious Why


It's frustrating sometimes when the title of a video or article gives away too much, but in the case of 'Blondes and Fireworks Do Not Mix' I find myself completely cool with the author telling me upfront what I'm going to see.

trick shots

The Best Faceplant Of The Year So Far Is Also The Worst Trick Shot Of 2015


I'll just say this upfront: I'm completely tired of seeing trick shots on the Internet.

jennifer lopez

Jennifer Lopez Must Think Time Is A Flat Circle, Or Else HOLY HELL Is She Stupid

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I don't think at any point during her illustrious career has anyone been fooled by the rocks that she's got.


UPS Worker Smashes Package, Then Pisses On Bro’s House…Is Not A Known Giver Of Fucks


When it comes to having my packages delivered I'm about as pessimistic of a person as you'll find.

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