Canadian Girl Who Nearly Set Herself On Fire Is Proof ‘Drinking And Fireworks’ Should Be Left To Us Americans


Today I learned that in Canada the last Monday before March 25th is a federal public holiday named 'Victoria Day', where Canadians celebrate the birthday of Queen Victoria (the former Queen of Great Britain 1819 – 1901).

dumbest criminals

This Is The Dumbest, Laziest Attempt At Stealing An ATM In History


As we've all learned from playing Heists in GTA 5, to pull off a successful larceny you need thorough planning, attention to detail and a good getaway driver.


This Stripper FAIL Compilation Is A Rare Look At The Afternoon Shift’s Abysmal Pole-Dancing Skills


Sometimes there's a reason that stripper's working the pole during the day shift, and it's not because she has another job at night.

tent fail

Watching These Bros Hopelessly Try To Set Up A Tent While Tripping Balls Is Unrivaled Entertainment


Taking drugs and then trying to set up a tent is like getting sprayed with pepper spray and trying to solve a Rubik's cube.


When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go. And She Had To Go…On Live TV


Which is the worst case scenario: peeing your pants on live TV or accidentally sharting during a TV interview.

kylie jenner challenge

These FAIL Pics Of People Attempting The #KylieJennerChallenge Prove How Stupid Humans Can Be

By | 3 Comments

The #KylieJennerChallenge is 2015's 'planking', a trend where every halfwit is hopping on and sharing their results to social media.


This Hunter Wants You To Believe This Is An Act Of Compassion, And Not His Most Embarrassing Moment Ever


For all we know this bow-hunter chasing a pheasant is the most accomplished pheasant hunter in the world, but at that moment he was caught red-faced with his pants down.


This Dude Is So Hyped To Have A Taser, Until He Accidentally Tasers Himself, Then Not So Much

By | 2 Comments

I can't decide what's more entertaining: the dude tasering himself into a fit of convulsions or his friend on his knees in the background motor boating his girlfriend in plain site.

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