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Watch Steve Aoki Completely FAIL At Doing A Stage Dive And Wreck His DJ Set

Stick to throwin' cake, dude.

This Is The Most Horrifying Pool Jump Fail You Will Ever Watch

Ouch x 1,000,000

Bro Tries To Do Ice Bucket Challenge, Ends Up Getting Smashed In The Head With A Bucket Instead


Watch This Drunk Woman Give Herself A Concussion By Failing Miserably At Bike Stunts And Face Planting Into A Dock

My face hurts just watching this.

This Video Of Two Bros Going For A Triple-Kick Flip Thing And Smashing Their Heads Together Will Make You Cringe


I Can’t Stop Watching This Hysterical Crowd Surfing Fail

Just in case you were ever thinking about trying it, don't.

This Bro Sent 32 Girls A Group Tinder Message And Got Shat On…Hard

And then poo rained upon his head for eternity...or at least a few days.

VIDEO: The Best Diet Coke-Mentos Fail of All Time

Possibly also the most painful.

Detroit’s Fake Field Goal Attempt Was About As Fail As Possible

This is delightful. 

Little Kid’s Dunk Fail is Your Win

He's so excited! Look how he excited he—awww.

Texas Tech’s DeAndre Washington Has a Premature Celebration Problem, Should Consult a Doctor

What is going on lately? Football players work so hard just to score touchdowns and then piss them away by dropping the ball – both

Proposal At Minor League Baseball Game Goes Horribly Wrong

There’s a disagreement online over the nature of this proposal gone bad. You can find me firmly in the “fake as hell” camp.

Fox Sports Kansas City Graphic Goes 0-for-4

There are chryon fails and then there are CHRYON FAILS. This abomination from last night’s Fox Sports Kansas City broadcast qualifies as the latter.

Bored? Watch the Best News Bloopers of April

Apparently, people other than A.J. Clemente made complete fools of themselves on news broadcasts this month. Here is a 10-minute compilation of their misfortunes for

The Best Frat FAILs of the Week

We've got FAILs... And then we've got Masters week fails. 

90’s Kid Takes Wheelchair Out for Spin While Towed by Bike, and It Ends About How You’d Expect

Best part is the guy getting his Ninja Turtle on right before the face plant: "Kowabunga!!!"

Bro Does a Trust Fall, and It Does Not End Well

Not only does this guy fall from a height that seems, to us at least, waaay higher than the normal height for a trust fall,

Try, Just Try, Not to Laugh at This Canadian Newscaster Struggling to Use a Touchscreen

Most of the time, when you see one of these fail videos, the payoff is pretty simple and obvious: A reporter outside during a hurricane

The 10 Biggest Dumpster Fire Teams of the NFL Right Now

Now that we’re more than halfway through the NFL season, we have a pretty good idea of what teams are really made of. And, holy

Russian Guy Tries to Break Brick Over Head, Fails Miserably

Ninety percent of my day is spent watching videos, laughing, saying aloud how stupid they are, and then promptly posting. This 26-second masterpiece, which reeks

In Honor of Wedding Season’s End, Here Are Some Brutal Wedding Fails

Now that this wedding season is in the bag, we'd like to give you one piece of advice for the next one: If you drank

Marriage Proposal at Cubs Game Ruined Because Woman is in Bathroom

Men are still proposing to women at sporting events, which really shows evolution is slowing its pace. If you need yet another example of why

The San Diego Fireworks Show Was Just the Worst

As in many places around our great country, the good people of San Diego were fired up for a fireworks extravaganza last night. To say

Jenny McCarthy’s Sext Fail: 80-Year-Old Dentist Gets Her Naked Pictures

Being Jenny McCarthy’s dentist has some unusual perks, like getting to see the blonde bombshell naked. The actresses accidentally sent her dental-health provider a racy picture

Just Video of a Guy Drilling a Drill Bit So Deep into His Nose it Almost Hits Brain

With Tim Janus setting the world record for longest burp, men everywhere are turning their sights to the second-coolest title they can hold. That’s how

Golfer Pleads With Waitress to Kick Him in Face, She Complies

No round of golf is complete without a trip to the clubhouse for a 19th hole full of booze and exaggerated stories. Oh, and a

Nearly 3 Minutes of Wedding Fails

Fails are great. Wedding fails are even greater because weddings are supposed to be so picture-perfect. Here's an all-wedding fail compilation. 

Texas A&M Excited to Find Out Which Teams Are in the SEC

Texas A&M is now a member of the Southeastern Conference. That doesn’t mean they know too much about the conference, though. Certain things, like the

This is How You Lose on ‘Wheel of Fortune’

“Wheel of Fortune” always struck me as an old person’s show, so it’s with great delight that I learn it’s occasionally worth watching.

Next Year’s Final Four is in Alanta

It was a tough NCAA tournament for scorer’s tables. First, the courtside banner next to Syracuse’s bench asked if viewers thought student-athletes were “just a

This Dog Really Has a Crappy Run On the Agility Course

They say every dog has it's day. This guy had his in the middle of a dog show agility course run. Just note

Chainsaw-Powered Drug Raid FAIL Ruins Random Lady’s Day, Front Door

An FBI task force performed one of the most epic drug raid fails in recorded history last week. Agents raided a Fitchburg, Massachusetts, apartment on

Cris Carter’s Zip Line Trip Didn’t Go Well

Cris Carter chickened out at the last minute yesterday when a bunch of ESPN talking heads set out to ride a zip line

DeSagana Diop’s Free Throw Attempt Didn’t Quite Make It

Charlotte Bobcats big man DeSagana Diop is not exactly the man one would want on the foul line with the game on the

Piñata Baseball Looks Extremely Painful

Piñatas are most commonly associated with Mexico, even though their origins are associated with China, dating back to the 14th century. Piñatas didn't

Video: Australian Woman Survives 370-Foot Bungee Fall Into the Zambezi River After Cord Snaps

I've gone skydiving but I maintain the stance that until they start making these bungee cords from human scrotum -- universally recognized as

Apropos of Nothing, Let’s Watch a Sigma Delta Tau at UMass Amherst Faceplant While Showboating

Title says it all. We like it when people send us things to feature. So keep on sending us your pictures/videos/post tips.

How to Get a Cheerleader Wet

There should be swimming cheerleaders for the aquatic sports like synchronized swimming, water polo, diving and whatever you call the water sports R.

Anti-Coning McDonald’s Manager Refuses to Hand-Off Ice Cream

With McDonald's managers like this -- taking a stand against people who want to get ice cream all over their own hands --

Goalie Allows a 70-Yard Goal To Slip Past Him

You've got to not try AT ALL, or have a f*cking stroke while the ball is in the air to allow a 70-yard