We Are All This Ferret Who Just Got Bitch Slapped By Life’s Unfair Expectations

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Sometimes life throws wildly unfair expectations in your face, but the human spirit is strong, and you try to persevere.


New Father Posts Craigslist Ad Seeking To Bang Nurse Who Delivered His New Baby


In my lifetime I've easily read more stats about 'how often men think about sex' than I could count, and the point has sunk in: we're pretty much always thinking about sex.


Wasted Bro Tries Fire Breathing, Ends Up Burping Fire All Over His Face And Body


If you're going to try your hand at fire breathing you need to be damn sure that you have all of your mental and physical faculties in order.


Some Nincompoop Accidentally Set Off An Entire Fireworks Display At Once, The Result Looks Like World War 3


The pyrotechnicians behind a fireworks display have a very calculated set of steps, you are to light X firework at Y time, and so on and so forth.


How To Piss Off Your Neighbors In Under 15-Seconds (Fireworks FAIL)


If you're looking to piss off your neighbors for any reason at all, might I suggest using fireworks.


Helicopters At The G20 Summit Accidentally Cause Blinding Dust Storm On Highway


With the G20 Summit taking place in Australia right now, the world's leaders and their finest aircrafts are all descending upon Brisbane.

party fouls

This Compilation Of Party Fouls Should Be Required Viewing For All Freshmen


Partying isn't a skill that comes naturally to everyone, apparently.


This Bro Drank Too Much Then Tried To Take A Piss In An Alley—It Did NOT End Well


What's the worst thing that can happen when you're hammered and taking a piss in an alley.


Russia + Vodka + Saturday Night Fever = YouTube Gold

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This is one of those one-in-a-million videos where the stars align and everything comes out perfect.

drinking games

Frat Bro Demolishes Game Of Slip-N-Flip Before It Even Begins


At a Southern tailgate is a place where the beer flows like wine.

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