Back To School Fails Compilation Shows You Can Flunk In Life As Well As In Class


Everyone should be back to school by now, but that doesn't mean everyone is succeeding.

fails compilation

A Month’s Worth of People Failing at Life Makes the Day after a Holiday Weekend Better


You didn't think the Labor Day Weekend would stop us from enjoying the shit out of people completely Failing at life did you.

Ice Bucket Challenge

This Compilation of Ice Bucket Challenge FAILS Will Make You LOL All Day


The Ice Bucket Challenge hit its apex a couple days ago, which means now we can start mocking the shit out of it.

fails supercut

Your week isn’t complete until you’ve watched all of the best Fails


Seriously, it's been a long brutal week with people dying and getting beaten, let's lighten the load a bit by watching people do really dumb things, okay.


This Guy Thinks He’s a Nunchuck Master


He will never have Michelangelo's skills, much less Napoleon Dynamite's.

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