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Holy Shit: This Is the World’s Worst Parallel Parking FAIL Ever

This is the most frustrating video I've ever watched.

Bored? Watch the Summer’s Very Best FAIL Videos

With Labor Day in the rearview mirror, it's time to look back at the Summer 2013's very best FAIL videos... 

Bored? Check Out the Ultimate President Fails Compilation

Presidential faux pas!

Three Minutes of People Walking into Things Because Why Not

Our friends at World Wide Interweb have put together another brilliant compilation that might just take the sting off tomorrow being Monday: three minutes of

Utah Jazz Mascot Drops an Entire Birthday Cake on Fans

The guy that's supposed to receive the cake from the Jazz on his birthday is so pumped about it. He gets all grabby

Watch Marion Barber’s Endzone Back Flip Fail

Things went pretty well for the Bears today in their 34-29 victory at Soldier Field. The running game behind Matt Forte was strong.

Bored? Watch This Mini Compilation Of Playground Fails

Well, it looks like Irene's going to ruin the weekend for 55 million people. If you need a distraction from the doom and

Hardc*re Parkour Guy Tries to Go Big; Fails

A few nights ago I re-watch "The Office" episode from 2009 where Michael Scott finally "discovers" the whole hardc*re parkour craze. Amazingly, two years later,

Hardc*re Parkour Failure Causes Dude to Poop Himself

I have no idea what constitutes "hardc*re parkour" but this talent claims that is what he is attempting to do. Some real hardc*re acrobatics on

Epic Jewelry Store Robbery Fail, as Owner Fights Off Two Bandits

Jewel thieves in Europe: you better steer clear of this guy's shop. Even if there's two of you and one of you has a gun

Video: Man Flies Head First Into Side of Pool

Some people just cannot handle themselves when someone else is the center of attention, like Kanye West, or Hitler. Here is another classic case. One