These Are The Top 5 WORST Nut Shots Ever Caught On Camera–Prepare For Man Cramps


I guarantee that by the end of this video you'll a) be squirming in your seat, and b) will be uncomfortably laughing, empathizing the pain your fellow bros went through from these nut shots.


Is This The Greatest Slow-Mo Video Of Someone Getting Hit In The Head Ever?


When the new iPhone 6 line was released there was so much iPhone hatred you could barely find a single person saying anything good about it.

when the beat drops

That Moment When The Beat Drops But You’re Stuck On The School Bus


Like most of us, this school bus rider just wanted to get loose when the beat dropped.

jukin video

Cliff diver tries to paint sharp rocks with his brains, pulls off epic bellyflop instead


For the sake of his reputation we'll just assume this cliff diver executed the perfect near-miss of those jagged rocks and landed the epic bellyflop he was hoping for.

jetski fail video

This is an 84 second tutorial on how NOT to use a Jet-Ski


If you're planning on doing any Jet-Skiing in the near future and you're not clear on how to use one, just watch this video and do the OPPOSITE of what you see here.


Bored? Watch the Summer’s Very Best FAIL Videos


With Labor Day in the rearview mirror, it's time to look back at the Summer 2013's very best FAIL videos.

Security cam video

Security cam catches kid hilariously crashing into mailbox


This is a child crashing into a mailbox, falling off, and making noises like a dying giraffe.

world wide interweb

Three Minutes of People Walking into Things Because Why Not


Our friends at World Wide Interweb have put together another brilliant compilation that might just take the sting off tomorrow being Monday: three minutes of people walking into sh*t.

Girl crashes car

Cute girl’s ride in mini car ends badly


Tonight's recipient of the Darwin Award is a cute girl who gets peer pressured into taking a spin in a mini-car.

Woman falls at Royal Ascot

British woman’s hilarious fall captured by local news


Ignore for a moment the gratuitous shots of these women's derrieres and instead focus on the chick taking a fantastic spill at Royal Ascot.

Utah Jazz

Utah Jazz Mascot Drops an Entire Birthday Cake on Fans


The guy that's supposed to receive the cake from the Jazz on his birthday is so pumped about it.


Watch Marion Barber’s Endzone Back Flip Fail


Things went pretty well for the Bears today in their 34-29 victory at Soldier Field.

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