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Bored? Watch Yo’self the Ultimate Girls in Bikinis Fails Compilation

  Watch it because you’re board. Watch it because you love seeing people fail. Watch it because looking at girls […]

Bored? Watch the Ultimate Water Slide Fail Compilation

The water slide is a toy made for fun, frivolity, and... pain.

Bored? Watch Yo’self the Best Fails of the Third Week in June

Spoiler Alert: It does not end well for this guy. AT ALL. 

Bored? Check Out The Ultimate Playground Fail Compilation

Because seeing someone getting rocked in the junk by a seesaw never gets stale.

Bored? Check Out The Ultimate Fail Compilation From the Last Week of May

Fails are like farts: If they hurt like hell, you're probably doing something right. 

Bored? Check Out The Ultimate Fail Compilation From the Second Week of May


Bored? Treat Yo’self to the Best Fails of April 2013

Good way to waste away some non-valuable time this Friday. Enjoy. 

Bored? Watch the Best News Bloopers of April

Apparently, people other than A.J. Clemente made complete fools of themselves on news broadcasts this month. Here is a 10-minute compilation of their misfortunes for

Watch a Collection of the Worst Fails of April

Can't go wrong with some failure to kick off your Sunday.

The Ultimate Golf FAIL Compilation

Bored? Wish you were golfing rather than working? Yeah, ditto... Here’s a compilation of entertaining, painful, and idiotic golf-related mishaps.

The Ultimate Dodgeball Fails Compilation

An excellent of dodgeball fails via World Wide Interweb. Hey, if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball. Or sometimes not. 

Bored? Check Out the Biggest Wins and Fails of 2012

This is serious boredom material. Why? Because it's an hour long... and kind of awesome.  

Bored? Check Out This Ultimate Collection of Treadmill Fails


In Honor of the Upcoming Holidays, Here’s a Special Santa-Themed Fail Collection

Well, not just Santa. Holiday-themed in general. Although it could have used a few more Menorah mishaps to really justify calling itself an all-inclusive holiday

Bored? Check Out This Slip ‘n Slide Fails Compilation

I don't think the folks at Wham-O would consider much, or any, of this "proper use" of what is, perhaps, their most famed product.

Bored? Watch the October 2012 Fails Compilation

Just 15 minutes of people making fools out of themselves for YouTube infamy. You're welcome. 

Start Your Day With the Ultimate WTF?!?! Moments Compilation

Ahhhh, WTF is up with that old man running down the beach at the 1:10 mark? I can't unsee it. I can't unsee it! 

Bored? Check Out the Worst Nut Shots in Sports Compilation

Here's an air-tight argument as to why we should wear cups when we sport. On the other hand, this wouldn't exist if we all protected

Bored? Check Out the Ultimate FACE-PLANT Compilation

Did you know the first known use of the word face-plant dates back all the way to 1982? If the dudes at Merriam-Webster claim it

In Honor of Wedding Season’s End, Here Are Some Brutal Wedding Fails

Now that this wedding season is in the bag, we'd like to give you one piece of advice for the next one: If you drank

Bored? The September 2012 FAIL Compilation Has Arrived!

Nearly 15 minutes of hilarity and epic fails for your entertainment this evening.

Treat Yo Self to ‘The Ultimate Trampoline Fail Compilation’

Laughing at other people's misfortune? Not knowing if they ended up okay, but assuming they did? Isn't this what YouTube was invented for?