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Problems Only Men Who Can’t Grow Beards Will Understand

I've been able to grow a full beard since 8th grade, so these have NEVER been a problem for me.

7 Beard Facts That’ll Make You Want One

More importantly, ladies, you should date a guy with a beard.

Today In Very Bad News for Men With Beards

Bad news, bearded Bros: According to a new study, you're never getting laid again.

Hair Long, Money Long: Best Beards in Business

Beards are no longer just for the forest dwelling, axe wielding hermits or the shifty looking fellow in the convenience store.

Creepiest Facial Hair in Sports

Athletes. They are monstrously ugly.

Eva Samkova’s Good-Luck Mustache is Mesmerizing

Czech snowboarder Eva Samkova has a bizarre ritual before every final round she competes in. You’d call having someone draw […]

The All-Time Most Untameable Facial Hair

No Shave November may be in the rear-view, but has it left our hearts? Nay. Here's the most untameable facial hair in history.

The 7 Types of Guys Who Participate in No-Shave-November

Although I can’t say I’m too keen on the pedophile mustaches many of you will flaunt this month, I can admit that facial hair is

Why Every Man Should Have A Beard

I dated a girl once who said she hates guys with beards and wishes all guys were only clean shaven. The next words out of

What She Really Thinks About Your Facial Hair

It’s known that not every guy can grow facial hair so when a guy can, there is usually a period of

Shane Battier’s Mustache Doesn’t Sleep—It Waits

Bud Light enthusiast and NBA player Shane Battier has nothing to do but wait. His Miami Heat quickly dispatched the Milwaukee Bucks in four games

Dirk Nowitzki Shaved That Ridiculous Beard

The Dallas Mavericks beat the New Orleans Hornets yesterday to move to 40-40 on the season. In and of itself, that’s pretty unremarkable. But reaching

The Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler

By now, you've likely seen the Gillette TV spots starring Andre 3000, Adrian Brody and that dude with too many names and featuring Gillette's new

Guy Shaves His Beard Six Ways to Perform David Guetta and Nicki Minaj’s ‘Turn Me On’

This is a guy by the name of Matthew Ferguson, a teacher who Reddit says shaved his beard for the first time in

Syracuse DE Mikhail Marinovich Wins Award For Best College Football Mustache Before Season Begins

On Monday, Stanford's Andrew Luck received a little bit of media attention for shaving his legendary beard at Bay Are Media Day. Dry those tears,