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6 Rules You Must Follow on Social Media After a Break Up

Once you look back, you realize it was over before it started.

This Review of Facebook’s Annoying Messenger App Is Hilarious and 100% Accurate

A few weeks (or was it months? IDK) Facebook started forcing its users to download an app called "Messenger" to check your Facebook messages.

NFL Quarterbacks Talking Shit on Facebook is Back, Eli Manning Naturally Gets Shit On

Lets not ruin this with words.

Remember When Facebook Went Down For Thirty Minutes Last Week? Yeah, Idiots Out In LA Called 911 About It


7 Facts That’ll Make You Quit Facebook

Facebook: Can't with without it, kinda sorta hate yourself for living with it. Watch this video.

Why Do People Still Use Facebook?

Surely there's a reason.

Girls Are Petty and Terrible To Each Other On Facebook, According to SCIENCE!

Depending on your worldview, Facebook is either great or the devil incarnate.

Serious or Not, You’ll Enjoy This Facebook Comment About Steven Spielberg Hunting Triceratops

What a monster.

Facebook Has Deleted the Texas Tech Cheerleader’s Hunting Photos

Just an update to the saga of Texas Tech cheerleader Kendall Jones, who because an Internet sensation after posting photos of her exotic kills on

This Guy Stole A Cop Car While HANDCUFFED, Made Fun Of The Police Trying To Catch Him On Facebook, And Got A New Girl All In The Same Week

I dunno about you, but my life fails in comparison.

This Video Perfectly Sums Up What Sites Like Facebook Do to Our Society

Facebook is a gateway drug.

Girl Expertly Trolls Creep Trying to Sext Her On Facebook, Uses Only Smash Mouth Lyrics in Her Responses

Hey now, this chick's an all-star.

26 Facebook Status Updates That Win at Life

Fist-pounds to these bros.

This Woman Made A Fake Facebook Profile To Catch Her Niece Plotting To Murder Her

Whatever happened to just using Craigslist?

If Facebook Status Updates Were Honest

The truth hurts.

Facebook Just Added an ‘Ask’ Button for Relationship Statuses

Is this a game changer for spitting Facebook game, Bros?

How Girls Use Facebook To Decide If They’ll Sleep With You

Your Facebook profile can mean the difference between striking out and crushing it, so here’s what girls are looking for…

9 Facebook Rules You Need To Follow

If you fail to comply with these rules...

Floyd Mayweather Accuses Ex of Killing Babies, Posts Her Sonogram on Facebook


This Guy Went Insane With His Workout Statuses on Facebook

"I feel the POWER w within me. My core is shred and my the delts are the tops."

Watch Mark Zuckerberg Give a Talk in 2005 to an Empty Room at Harvard

This is a very fascinating artifact from the annals of Internet History. In 2005, Mark Zuckerberg went back to Harvard -- where he founded Facebook

Here’s a Map from Facebook Showing Every Baseball Team’s Fans By County

"Lemme just have a couple" — Miami Marlins

Down the Facebook Procrastination Rabbit Hole

You assured yourself it’d be quick. You promised you’d just “check and see if you had any new notifications from the last twelve minutes” and

Facebook Thinks It Knows Banksy’s Identity, Except It Doesn’t

Facebook got PUNKED....

Facebook Buys Virtual Reality Company for $2 Billion

What... is going on here exactly.

Wait a Second, Five Percent of People Have Checked Facebook During Sex?

Mark Zuckerberg won't stop until people are on Facebook 100 percent of their day.

HS Basketball Coach Was Cheating on His Girlfriend With FIVE Other Women, When She Found Out She Eviscerated Him on Facebook

You might say that this guy is having a pretty terrible week.

University of Florida Bro Has a Ridiculous Facebook Rant About College Girls In the Library… Or Something?

Buzzfeed has already asked all the questions there are to ask about this senior University of Florida Bro’s rant about […]

Why Sharing a Facebook Account with Your Girlfriend Is the Kiss of Death

Women like to control shit. Anything out of their control scares the fuck out of them. Even girls with supreme […]

13 Things Cheaper Than Facebook Buying WhatsApp

  What would you rather own? Some stupid app for messaging people (borrrrrringggggggg, I already have eight things on my […]

WhatsApp Employees May Make $160 Million EACH on Facebook Deal

Yesterday, Facebook purchased the smartphone messaging app WhatsApp for $19 billion. That was a lot of money! $12 billion of […]

Facebook Just Bought an App for $19 Billion

Remember when Facebook purchased Instagram for a billion? Remember when they offered Snapchat 3? Child’s play. Mere child’s play. Zuck […]

Derek Jeter Will Retire After 2014 Season

Facebook fan and New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter will hang up his cleats after this season. The future Hall […]

Bro Bangs Ugly Old Lady, Posts Video Bragging About It on Facebook

What. The. Fuck. Forget about how he helicopter’d the pink condom to kick things off, I thought that lady was […]

Bros in Relationships! Do Not Let Your Girlfriend See This Link

Just a little spot of advice from your friendly internet blogger over here. The Satanists who work at Time Magazine […]

This Funny Video Shows What Your Real Facebook ‘Look Back’ Would Look Like

In honor of its 10th anniversary, Facebook released a video tailored just for you called “A Look Back,” which you […]

Father Begs Facebook For the ‘Look Back’ Video For His Dead Son, Video Will Rip Your Heart Out

John Berlin’s son, Jessie Berlin, passed away a few years ago. Upon seeing Facebook creating “Look Back” videos for their […]

You Will Be In Tears Reading This Facebook Story About a Marine Killed In Action and His Girlfriend

  With Facebook celebrating its 10th anniversary, people are looking back at how The Social Network has impacted their lives. […]

Mark Zuckerberg Has Already Made $3.4 Billion This Year

It's the kind of figure that you think you've misread: $3.4 billion in one year. Yet Mark Zuckerberg has managed to rake in that haul

Find Out How Much Time You’ve Ever Wasted on Facebook

Today's most Horrific Thing on the Internet can be found at Time.com in "honor" of Facebook's 10th anniversary. It's simple: You enter into Time's Facebook