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Google’s Plans For Its New Headquarters Are INSANE And Proof That Hooli Is Real


HBO's Silicon Valley is easily one of my favorite new TV shows in the last couple years.

chill police departments

Police Find Some Cocaine, Take To Facebook To See Whose Cocaine It Is


The police are using a Facebook post to locate the owner of some cocaine they found.


Facebook Now Lets You Choose Which Friend Will Take Over Your Account After You Die And That’s Not Creepy At All


This morning Facebook has rolled out their newest morbid feature, allowing users to choose which friend will be able to manage their Facebook account after they die.

mark zuckerberg

This Picture Of A Shitfaced Mark Zuckerberg Should Be His New Facebook Profile Photo

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Even though Mark Zuckerberg spends his time being in charge of a multi-million dollar website I’m sure the guy needs to let loose every now and then.


Joe Flacco Calls Himself ‘Elitier Than Ever’ And The Cowboys Refs Get Shit On In ‘NFL QBs Talking Trash On Facebook’


Continue reading this week's NFL QB's Talking Trash on Facebook at Pro Football Mock.


John Cena’s Facebook Page Got Hacked And Posting This Photo Was The Most Embarrassing Thing Hackers Could Come Up With?


Over the weekend, John Cena's official Facebook page was busted open wider than Dusty Rhodes's forehead in a "loser leaves town" match.

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