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Watch Mark Zuckerberg Give a Talk in 2005 to an Empty Room at Harvard

This is a very fascinating artifact from the annals of Internet History. In 2005, Mark Zuckerberg went back to Harvard -- where he founded Facebook

Here’s a Map from Facebook Showing Every Baseball Team’s Fans By County

"Lemme just have a couple" — Miami Marlins

Down the Facebook Procrastination Rabbit Hole

You assured yourself it’d be quick. You promised you’d just “check and see if you had any new notifications from the last twelve minutes” and

Facebook Thinks It Knows Banksy’s Identity, Except It Doesn’t

Facebook got PUNKED....

Facebook Buys Virtual Reality Company for $2 Billion

What... is going on here exactly.

Wait a Second, Five Percent of People Have Checked Facebook During Sex?

Mark Zuckerberg won't stop until people are on Facebook 100 percent of their day.

HS Basketball Coach Was Cheating on His Girlfriend With FIVE Other Women, When She Found Out She Eviscerated Him on Facebook

You might say that this guy is having a pretty terrible week.

University of Florida Bro Has a Ridiculous Facebook Rant About College Girls In the Library… Or Something?

Buzzfeed has already asked all the questions there are to ask about this senior University of Florida Bro’s rant about [...]

Why Sharing a Facebook Account with Your Girlfriend Is the Kiss of Death

Women like to control shit. Anything out of their control scares the fuck out of them. Even girls with supreme [...]

13 Things Cheaper Than Facebook Buying WhatsApp

  What would you rather own? Some stupid app for messaging people (borrrrrringggggggg, I already have eight things on my [...]

WhatsApp Employees May Make $160 Million EACH on Facebook Deal

Yesterday, Facebook purchased the smartphone messaging app WhatsApp for $19 billion. That was a lot of money! $12 billion of [...]

Facebook Just Bought an App for $19 Billion

Remember when Facebook purchased Instagram for a billion? Remember when they offered Snapchat 3? Child’s play. Mere child’s play. Zuck [...]

Derek Jeter Will Retire After 2014 Season

Facebook fan and New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter will hang up his cleats after this season. The future Hall [...]

Bro Bangs Ugly Old Lady, Posts Video Bragging About It on Facebook

What. The. Fuck. Forget about how he helicopter’d the pink condom to kick things off, I thought that lady was [...]

Bros in Relationships! Do Not Let Your Girlfriend See This Link

Just a little spot of advice from your friendly internet blogger over here. The Satanists who work at Time Magazine [...]

This Funny Video Shows What Your Real Facebook ‘Look Back’ Would Look Like

In honor of its 10th anniversary, Facebook released a video tailored just for you called “A Look Back,” which you [...]

Father Begs Facebook For the ‘Look Back’ Video For His Dead Son, Video Will Rip Your Heart Out

John Berlin’s son, Jessie Berlin, passed away a few years ago. Upon seeing Facebook creating “Look Back” videos for their [...]

You Will Be In Tears Reading This Facebook Story About a Marine Killed In Action and His Girlfriend

  With Facebook celebrating its 10th anniversary, people are looking back at how The Social Network has impacted their lives. [...]

Mark Zuckerberg Has Already Made $3.4 Billion This Year

It's the kind of figure that you think you've misread: $3.4 billion in one year. Yet Mark Zuckerberg has managed to rake in that haul

Find Out How Much Time You’ve Ever Wasted on Facebook

Today's most Horrific Thing on the Internet can be found at Time.com in "honor" of Facebook's 10th anniversary. It's simple: You enter into Time's

Researchers Say Facebook Could Die Out by 2017

It's been widely acknowledged that Facebook is decreasing in popularity among younger teens—the company's CFO admitted as much on a recent earnings call. But a few Princeton researchers want to

BroBible’s Worst Places on Earth: Social Media, During and After Any Major Event

Like most bros, I live half of my life in the real world and the other half on social media.

How To Stalk Your Ex On Facebook Without Looking Like A Stalker

We all have exes and we all want to make sure they're miserable without us. But since we're not going to follow them around town,

10 Things A Guy Should Never Do On Facebook

1. Accidentally put the name of the girl you're stalking into your status instead of the search bar.

2. Poke. EVER. How is this

The 10 Worst Facebook Profile Pictures of All Time

Not everyone’s in love with the new setup and timeline that Facebook introduced last year. The newsfeed has only been around a few years as

5 Things That Make Social Media the WORST

Ah, social media. It's something we seem to use so frequently yet almost half the time we hate it, or at least the people who use it.

Your Facebook, Gmail and Twitter Passwords Were Probably Stolen This Week

Over two million accounts on Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Twitter had their accounts and passwords compromised by hackers this week. 

Facebook FAILs: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly…

There are some real douchebags out there... 

Facebook Knows How Long Your Relationship Is Going to Last

Facebook knows you better than you know you. According to a new research paper by Jon Kleinberg, a computer scientist at Cornell University,

Facebook Now Allows You to Ruin Your Life Earlier Than Ever

Facebook is becoming less and less popular among 13 to 17-year-olds. This is frightening to Zuck and co., because no one uses the Internet more

5 Facebook Statuses That We’re All Sick Of

At this point in my life, I only use Facebook to see who’s birthday it is. Here are the top four Facebook statuses that need to

20 Epic Facebook Wins and Fails

Hours and hours of endless entertainment on the Interwebs... 

Is Snapchat’s New ‘Stories’ Update a Facebook Killer for Young People?

An interesting new update just rolled out for Snapchat on iOS and Android. It's an option to create Snapchat Stories, which is a temporary social network to share unique content with friends

Stop Telling Me Happy Birthday on Facebook

As of 4:00 p.m. today, 36 people have written on my Facebook wall for accomplishing the gargantuan task of not arriving on this Earth stillborn

NFL QBs Talking Trash on Facebook: Jay Cutler Holds Court in Week 3

Jay Cutler and his band of merry men kicked the shit out of the Steelers last night. So it's fitting that the Bro's over at

Things I’m Sick of Seeing On Facebook

You can keep your workout routine stats to yourself, please... 

A School District Is Monitoring Its Students Facebook Accounts

This year, California's Glendale Unified School District became the first school system to do the creepy, 1984-predicted inevitable: Monitor 14,000 of its middle and

The 7 Biggest Lies Told on Social Media

"A lot of people have been asking me" = one person asked you. Every. Single. Time. 

25 Things You Should Never Post On Facebook


Facebook Post Allegedly By Syrian President’s Son Dares Americans to Attack

Look, I'm not telling you what to think, but it's probably important to open your eyes to the fact that there's some very serious stuff