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If Facebook Status Updates Were Honest

The truth hurts.

The 10 Worst Facebook Profile Pictures of All Time

Not everyone’s in love with the new setup and timeline that Facebook introduced last year. The newsfeed has only been around a few years as

Why College Towns + Mondays Are Awesome, Plus 9 More Facebook Follies

Ah, college. Enjoy it while you can. 

Bro Professor Shows an Annoying Vegan Who’s Boss, Plus 7 More Facebook Follies

He should have dropped the mic and walked out of the room. Suddenly, I'm hungry for a tasty animal.

Allow Rainn Wilson to Tell You Why Your Facebook Status is False

The other day we showed you how to block annoying political posts on Facebook. It's too bad there's not a similar filter for getting rid

University of Florida Student Wows World with a Facebook Post For the Ages

I agree. Cranberry juice is f*cking dope. 

How Dead-On is the ‘Facebook Gentlemen’s Rant’?

This is 100% correct and absolutely outstanding. "The only reason I keep my Facebook account is to take five minutes and browse your

Fake Brian Cardinal Disses LeBron with Awesome, Post-NBA Finals Win Facebook Update

The MVP for best post-NBA Champion Facebook diss aimed at LeBron and his mother goes to The Custodian's fake Facebook page. Classic Brian Cardinal: "That