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How to stalk your ex on Facebook without looking like a stalker


We all have exes and we all want to make sure they're miserable without us.

the 9th semester

The 10 Most Compelling Subplots on Your Facebook Newsfeed


The majority of us have been on Facebook for over half a decade now.


College: 5 Things You’ve Probably Done Since the Semester Ended


A lot of college kids are currently in, or have just completed, that odd period in between the end of school and the start of summer plans.

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How Dead-On is the ‘Facebook Gentlemen’s Rant’?


This is 100% correct and absolutely outstanding.

understanding women

7 types of annoying female behavior explained

By | 36 Comments

There's no doubt women can be nice to look at or great to feel up, but we sure can be hard to understand.

Facebook Stalking

Facebook Shuts Down Breakup Notifier App


So much for stalking your ex-girlfriends' or future ex-girlfriends' relationship statuses on Facebook.

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