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Things I’m Sick of Seeing On Facebook

You can keep your workout routine stats to yourself, please... 

25 Things You Should Never Post On Facebook


Facebook Now vs. Facebook In College

Everything has changed since college. Gone are the days of skipping class on a whim to hit the pool with morally loose babes. You have

5 Ways To Clean Up Your Facebook Friend List

It doesn’t matter if you think Facebook is the worst website of all time, and the eternal scum of the internet, chances are you still

12 Signs You’re Addicted to Facebook

#13: You update your status after sex. 

This Guy Sounds Like a Real Wanker, Plus More Facebook Follies

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The Complete Timeline of a Facebook Courtship

Anyone who's ever tried to pick-up a girl on Facebook will get it... 

Epic Gym Advice, Bro, Plus More Facebook Follies

Obviously meant to be taken in jest, which is what makes it so freakin' funny.  REMINDER: Send BroBible your Facebook Follies right here. 

Bro DESTROYS Douchebag Bike Thief on Facebook, Plus More Facebook Follies

You, sir, just got PWNed. Welcome to another edition of Facebook Follies... 

Senator’s Wife is PISSED About Strippers Sexting Her Hustband, Plus More Facebook Follies

Shadrack McGill is a State Senator in the great state of Alabama. Besides having one fucking awesome name, he's having quite a hard time keeping

What Did You Think Would Happen When You Put Your iPhone Battery in the Microwave?

At this very second, we're at the very peak of human evolution. So can someone please explain why people are dumb enough to believe that

Now Single Ex-Girlfriend Posts an Awesome Burn on Her Ex-Boyfriend, Plus More Facebook Follies

Well, I guess that's one way to air your dirty laundry... 

‘Call of Duty: Ghosts’ Spoiler Alert, Plus More Facebook Follies

Bro... You ruined it for me. Via Guyism:  Reminder... Send us your Facebook Follies here. 

10 Creative Uses For Your Liberal Arts Degree, Plus More Facebook Follies

Welcome to today's edition of Facebook Follies. Reminder: If you have a funny Facebook message, screencap it and send it to BroBible here.  Oh, and from

Dude… You’re Not Supposed to Press ‘Post’ In This Awkward Social Scenario, Plus Facebook Follies

The best thing about this is that I know every single one of you guys has done this at one time or another. Except... YOU

Dear Jameson, Can We Be More Than Just Friends? Plus More Facebook Follies

Props for this person for trying to make it official.  Send us your Facebook Follies here. 

Bad Yelp Reviewer of UVA Bar Gets DESTROYED By Owner, Plus More Facebook Follies

Pretty epic saga unfolding on the Yelp page of U.Va watering hole Continental Divide in Charlottesville. 

Today In Stories About Cab Drivers, Plus More Facebook Follies

Reminder: Send us your Facebook Follies right here. 

WHY WOULD YOU SHARE THIS ON FACEBOOK?!, Plus 7 More Facebook Follies

WHY, why, why, why?! Man, that's embarassing. 

You’re a Disgusting Pig If You Do This at the Gym, Plus 6 More Facebook Follies

Great story, but wow that's disgusting. 

Bro Plans a Fourth of July Party, Because ‘MERICA, Plus More Facebook Follies

U-S-A. U-S-A. U-S-A. Oh wait... 

Something to Think About Next Time You Go for a Swim, Plus More Facebook Follies

You'll never jump in a public pool quite the same again... 

Wal-Mart Lube Problems, Plus More Facebook Follies

Comment section story tellin' time! In the comments, tell us about the craziest thing that's ever happened to you at Wal-Mart.

Sounds Like Someone Might Have a Little Bit of a Meth Problem, Plus More Facebook Follies

Walking out with a roommates iPhone and laptop after a night out at the bar? Oh boy... Sounds like someone needs to get their shit

Epic Roommate Status Updates During a BF/GF Fight, Plus More Facebook Follies

Hate it when a cup of Ramen noodles causes so much roommate drama... 

15 Facebook Fails and One Dumb World Record Broken

This person has success written written all over them. 

Go Home, Papa John’s… You Are… Plus More Facebook Follies

Well, Papa John's UK Facebook page... I don't think you thought this one through... 

Mama’s SMART About That Girl You Keep Caling Your ‘Roommate,’ Plus More Facebook Follies

OK, so this is one of those cutesy things that your grandma would e-mail you. But technically I'm still counting it as a Facebook Folly

I See What You Did There, Plus 8 More Facebook Follies

You have quite a way with words, Bro... 

Every Facebook Birthday Wall Ever

College Humor nails this list. 

It Ain’t Gonna Happen, Bro, Plus 6 More Facebook Follies

Quit while you're ahead. It ain't gonna happen. You just got denied. 

Some Bros Just Can’t Handle a Woman’s Stamina, Plus 10 More Facebook Follies

For some Bros, women are just too much... 

The Devestating Effects of Marijuana, Plus More Facebook Follies

#stonerproblems. Have a funny Facebook screencap for Facebook Follies? E-mail it to us here. 

Just Being Hontest, Bro, Plus More Facebook Follies

Dude is just being hontest. No shame in that, eh?

Bro Working at Best Buy Suggests a Movie About Rabbits, Plus More Facebook Follies

So you want a movie with rabbits, eh? Yeah, we've got that... 

Um, I Don’t Think This Ex-Girlfriend Knows What ‘Breaking Up’ Means, Plus More Facebook Follies

Ummm, what did you think "breaking up" means?

RE: Random Acts of Kindness, Plus More Facebook Follies

This story is great... 

Military Bro Explains His Thoughts on Urinalysis, Plus 12 More Facebook Follies

Welcome to another edition of BroBible's Facebook Follies. Today we have military Bro explaining his thoughts on urinalysis, a Dad giving way too much information

Bro, Too Much Information About What You Do in the Bathtub, Plus Facebook Follies

Bro, this is probably one of those things you should have quietly asked yourself if it needed to be shared. 

Oh, the Memories, Plus 10 More Facebook Follies

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