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Cam Zink Landed a 100-Foot Backflip on a Dirt Bike

Looks easy, right?

Watch a Group of BASE Jumpers Leap from the Top of the World’s Tallest Building

It's not enough for your country to build one of the world's tallest buildings.

Watch the ‘People Are Awesome 2013’ Video, Get Amped to Do Something BIG

"People are Awesome" 2013. It might not be from the official creator of the "People are Awesome" videos, but it's still pretty fucking badass.

This Teenager Just Rewrote the Book on Skateboard Tricks

From now on, nothing is legit unless you can backflip yourself off of one board, and onto the other. 

Old Bro Revisits the Fountain of Youth with Some Impressive Skateboard Tricks

Gotta hand it to this man. Seems like the sort of dude who probably actually lived during his life,  meaning that there's a decent chance

A 16 Year-Old Has Landed the First 1080 in X Games History

So this happened over the weekend. At X Games Barcelona, teenager homie Mitchie Brusco got his name in the record books by landing the competition's first

Watching This Biker Ride His ‘StoopidTall’ Bike Will Make You Think You’re on Drugs

Don't recommend trying to ride one of these things. Unless your life dream is be the crown jewel of all fail videos. 

The World’s Best Scooter Riders Made a Freestyle Video

I’ve always just assumed anyone riding around on those tiny little things was a giant loser. This extreme trick video doesn’t completely dissuade me of

‘Trike Drifting’ in Taiwan Looks Hella Dope

Definitely one of the cooler hobbies on could have. 

Check Out These Guys Doing Insane Pogo Tricks All Over New York City

So is pogo jumping or fitballing the sport of the future?

How to Ride a Bike Up a Wall (GIF), Plus Your Best Links of the Day

Gravity is overrated. 

Watch Derek Rabelo, a 19 Year-Old Blind Surfer, Take on Some of Hawaii’s Most Dangerous Waves

What have you done today?

A Flying Tomato No More: Watch Shaun White Get All His Trademark Hair Cut Off

Say it aint' so....

Here Is ChillBro Surfer Gabriel Medina Pulling Off a GnarlyDude Backflip

The inclusion of Skrillex here really ties the room together. 

This Cool ‘World’s Fastest Race’ Video Profiles Daredevil Longboarder Douglas Dulua

"I found my freedom dropping a hill at 110km/h."

Skater Has a Multi-Round Bout with a Set of Stairs. Stairs Win in a Landslide.

The "rope-a-dope" strategy may not translate to skating, but you certainly have gotta appreciate the persistence here. 

This Extreme Sports-Heavy ‘Best of the Web’ Viral Video Compilation is Rather Dope

Complete in music video form, we have the best of the web's most breathtaking moments. 

Insane Video from the Red Bull Rampage, the Highest Level of Mountain Biking

Some of the best freeride mountain bikers in the world took to the steep, steep cliffs of Virgin, Utah recently for the Red Bull Rampage.

‘Shooting the Tube’ Looks Extremely Fun

Reader Dallin sent this to us, with explicit permission to punch him in the kidney if we thought it sucked. Well, Dallin, your kidneys are

Watch Bam Margera Go Over 100-Foot Cliff in Kayak, Get Injured

Bam Margera, in an attempt to stay relevant and shock his senses, recently performed a stunt which required him to plunge over a 100-foot cliff

Extreme Pogo Stick Dudes Get Their Stunt On

Extreme pogo-sticking exists and it’s improving United States-British relations. Here are Fred and Curt, two Bros from California who journeyed over to Brighton to show

Guy Jumps From Terrifyingly High Tower onto Airbag; Somehow Retains Contents of Bladder

Wow, this guy has some brass balls. I think I was more scared watching the video than he was. I'll just go ahead

Jump-Start Your Morning With an Extreme Sports Video Mash-up

This is all kinds of badass. Five-plus minutes of riders – from bikers to skiers to snowboarders – getting it done. They all

Brad Domke’s Skimboard Work is Amazing

Surfing is hard enough on its own. Doing what Brad Domke does here on a skimboard? Well, that degree of difficulty is insanely high. And

‘The World’s Largest Rope Swing’ Looks FUN

Another classic from Devin Supertramp, the filmmaker who's brought us "The Human Slingshot Slip'N Slide" and "Salt Boarding."  Devin headed to the red

Tase Him, Bro: The Man Behind World’s Most Shocking Sport

Eric Prum's friends and family think he's crazy. The thrill-seeking 25-year-old is one of the co-founders of Ultimate Tazer Ball, a sport so far outside the

Ultimate Tazer Ball: The World’s Most Dangerous Sport

Saw this video yesterday and was convinced it was a spoof, a cleverly done joke by an improv team seeking attention. It turns

Motorcyclist Injured in Circus Stunt Vows to Ride Again

Motorcross athlete Josh Headford was attempting a stunt Sunday during the Shrine Circus in Saginaw, Michigan when his bike hit a cable, sending

Guy Turns Mobility Scooter Into Extremely Awesome, Dangerous Vehicle

Speed-crazed Colin Furze decided that a mobility scooter was really just a badass toy hidden beneath a practical and geriatric-targeted exterior. With a

Meesh Hynter Survives Class-3 Avalanche Thanks to Airbag

Professional snowboarder Meesh Hynter was saved by an airbag when she was caught in a class-3 avalanche in Colorado last week. The device

Heath Frisby Lands Snowmobiling’s First-Ever Frontflip

Heath Frisby became the first to person to ever land a snowmobile frontflip in competition during yesterday's X Games. It was just ...

Winter X Games Athletes Hold Candlelight Vigil for Sarah Burke

Friends and competitors gathered at last night's Winter X Games to hold a candlelight vigil for freeskiing legend Sarah Burke, who died tragically

Bored? Watch This Collection of 2011 Extreme Sport WINS

Go big or go home, I say.

Watch Free Solo Climber Alex Honnold Scale Yosemite’s Steepest Rock Face — Without Ropes

We show a lot of crazy extreme sports videos around these parts, but nothing compares to last night's "60 Minutes" story on Alex Honnold. The

A Majestic 10-Minute Compilation of Whitewater Kayaking Madness

Here's a video from kayaking's annual Rider of the Year Awards, which ranks and recaps the frothiest and most heart-pounding whitewater kayak videos on the

Bored? Watch This Extreme Sports

It's Monday night. Football and a gazillion other new TV shows will be on soon enough. Might as well kill some time with

The Trailer for ‘Defy, The Danny Harf Project’ Is Sublime

This is one of the better wakeboarding trailers we've ever watched. Blue sky. Azure water. Helicopters. Crazy kicker set-ups. Overall, a perfect "10." Can't wait

Slacklining Over Yosemite Falls Looks Insane

Don't think the only bat-sh*t crazy slackliners are the French. National Geographic recently dropped this visually stunning video of California-based extremist Dean Potter highlining over

Skier Marshall Miller Speed Flies Down Utah’s Mount Superior

If you're a skier and stuck in an office counting down the hours until you're shredding fresh virgin pow over winter vacation — especially those