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Watch This Building Blow the Eff Up

Ya got something better to do?

This Is What It Would Look Like If Michael Bay Took An Explosive Dump All Over Pixar’s ‘Up’

See what I did there? No? You will.

Just In Time For July Fourth We Have A Video Of Nine Exploding Goats Singing The National Anthem

We here at BroBible are patriotic, if not sensical.

WOAH: Watch an Insane Explosion at a Gunpowder Plant in Colombia

Smoke, flames, and a massive shrapnal-filled explosion at a gunpowder plant in South America—all exciting, scary stuff. But watch the cows. They survived! They survived!

Watch David Ortiz Explode, Completely Decimate the Dugout Phone

Baseball's always good for a solid expolosion or two every season, and David Ortiz looks like he's locked down the defining moment of 2013. 

Amazing Video of a Failed Russian Rocket Launch + Explosion

According to reports, Russia launched a Proton-M rocket today that was carrying three satellites for the GLONASS navigation system. Shortly after liftoff, however, things went terribly

Watch 128,000 Firecrackers Explode in Sixty Seconds, Because America

July Fourth is less than a month away. Not that we're giving anyone ideas--we're simply making that observation. 

Dad Records Massive, Chilling Fertilizer Plant Explosion In West, Texas

Absolutely devestating news in West, Texas, where a fertilizer plant exploded on Wednesday evening after a fire. Firefighters were fighting the fire at the time

Anderson Cooper Refuses to Let Massive Bomb Explosion Ruin His Report

We have a lot of fun with television reporters during hurricane season, because it seems like what they’re doing is so unnecessary and hilarious. THE

Here’s Some Sick Footage of an Explosion Staged for ‘Boardwalk Empire’

Nucky Thompson and his gang of 1920's bootleg Bros return to HBO this fall for Season 3 of "Boardwalk Empire." I am midway through the

Why Die When You Can Be Really Lucky? Presenting the ‘Luckiest People’ Compilation

This is a video of people who came within inches of death--close enough to be all like "what up, yo," and kick back a few

This is What Lighting 500 Piccolo Petes at Once Looks Like

A "Piccolo Pete" is a tube-shaped firework that could be turned into a small explosive. When hundreds of them are lit at once, they collectively

McDonald’s Drive-Through Customer’s Burgers Now Extremely Well-Done

McDonald’s can brag all it wants about the temperature of its coffee, but visuals do much more than words. This unlucky bastard had

Chemistry Teacher Carves A Jack-O-Latern LIKE A BOSS Using Explosions and Science

Look: There's only like an hour left until Halloween is over, but this video -- though dating back to 2009 -- hasn't really